The Enron Wars – Vanity Fair Essay

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Questions: 1 . For what reason do you think the whistleblowers we’ve encountered have the ability to been girls? The initial reason I assume is girls are more looking at about thoughts not about objective information.

Maybe a gentleman won’t do anything he believes it is incorrect. He will refuse wrong things immediately. Nevertheless women judge things by way of a own criteria.

For instance, if a woman likes the person who also tells a lady to do a problem based on the woman’s expertise, she will turmoil with very little and the actual feelings coming from her observed and find a few excuses to defend herself. But if later the lady begins to hate the same person, she will feel dissapointed about what the lady did and discover another way to cover her oversight. So they could change their head and uphold the opposite aspect. Second reason may be that women are not enough safety sense so they enjoy becoming a whistleblower to shield them to never be bitten directly.

I am a girl too therefore i could realise why girls want to choose this kind of unethical approach. Women don’t like challenges and they could be think an anonymous letter could share what they believe but will not really lead conflicts between them and the bosses. 2 . When Maggie Ceconi referred to as Carol Coale of Prudential Securities, do you think she was she throwing out this whistle or was she disclosing material non-public information that should have had securities law effects for Prudential Securities?

Based upon The Enron Wars, I do think Margaret Ceconi was a whistleblower and the lady revealed non-public information of Enron to Carol Coale. After losing her task at Enron, Ceconi manufactured a mobile call to provide her information of inside in Enron. For me, this actions are kind of retaliation? vengeance to response her terminated. The article mentioned that “Unlike Watkins’s straightforward…, Ceconi’s notice began having a litany of complaints about the corporation. ” Thus her page is more just like revenge but not for just exposing truth.

Even though she would this for the reason that board of Enron not only ignored the letter nevertheless also dismissed her, We don’t think she had the right to expose non-public record to Prudential Securities.

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