How to Write a Great Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay can actually be a pretty engaging task that differs from many other academic papers where a student has to go through plenty of different sources, analyze various facts, and provide the reader with accurate information.

In this type of essay, your tutor will appreciate your creativity. However, it does not mean that preparing such a paper is a piece of cake, and to make sure that you’ll get a good grade for this work, get an idea of what outcome you expect to get and how it’s possible to ensure the best quality of your work.

Initial Information on This Type of Paper

Students need to write this paper in order to develop their persuasive skills. It requires using different arguments in order to convince the reader that the author has a correct point of view. It’s essential to pick a topic that you know well.

In the paper, you’ll argue either for or against something and back your opinion with pieces of evidence. Make sure to choose the topic suitable for debate. For instance, there is nothing to argue if you pick a topic, such as ‘There are nine planets in the solar system’.

How It Differs from an Argumentative Essay

Lots of students think that this type of paper means the same as an argumentative essay, but it’s not so. There are similarities between them because both of them aim at convincing the reader in the author’s point of view but while an argumentative essay grounds on evidence and facts, the other type of essay is more about choosing the right phrases and words. When writing a persuasive paper, you’ll try to cause certain feelings in the reader. All this means that creativity means a lot when preparing such a piece of writing.

To create a good persuasive paper, you’ll have to go through several stages. Below, detailed descriptions of each of them are provided.

Choose the Best Topic

It’s crucial to pick the right topic because this will determine whether you’ll complete the task quickly and easily or you’ll keep struggling throughout the process. There are various interesting topics that students can find on the Internet, and they can choose something, which they find the most engaging and easy to write about.

Make an Outline

It’s import to structure the work to ensure that it’s consistent and includes all the necessary information.

Below, you’ll find a recommended outline for an essay:

  • Introduction. Here, tell the reader what the work is about. In this part of the text, you’ll also provide a thesis statement. It’s a brief section, where no many details should be given;
  • Supporting paragraphs. Prepare a few supporting paragraphs, where you’ll present evidence. Dedicate each of them to a particular argument or idea;
  • Antithesis paragraph. In this paragraph, present the controversial opinion and explain why yours is the correct one;
  • Conclusion. It’s also a brief section of the essay where you should summarize everything written above. No new facts or information should be provided in this part of the text.

Write Your Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement may turn in to a challenging task, but it’s a very important task that you should complete well. In the statement, you should clearly indicate your position regarding a certain problem, idea, or event. Remember that you should not just write a certain fact, but state whether something is right or wrong.

Prepare a Draft of Your Paper

Making a draft of a paper means adding relevant text into the corresponding sections of an essay. You’ll need to create an initial version of the essay where you’ll include all the important information.

Edit Your Paper

It’s important to edit your writing because this allows checking word choice and arguments used to convince the reader. Make sure that the tutor will read the text easily and make all the points and arguments clear for understanding.

Proofread Your Paper

At this stage, you’ll go through the writing again in order to correct all grammar mistakes, which you’ll find there. Since it’s difficult to find errors in your own writing, it’s recommended to give yourself a long break between editing and proofreading the essay.

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