Persuasive Essay Topics: How to Pick the Best One?

If you need to write a persuasive essay, choosу a topic very carefully. If you make the right choice, this task will not only become easy but also engaging. Picking the wrong one will likely result in lots of stress for a student because one may have to spend hours studying materials and discussing things, which he or she finds uninteresting.

Luckily, it’s easy to find a range of persuasive essay topics, which you can choose from, and below, you’ll find a few examples as well as some helpful recommendations on how to prepare a great persuasive essay.

About a Persuasive Essay

First of all, get a clear idea of this type of essay and its purpose. So, it’s a type of academic paper where an author needs to convince the reader that his or her point of view is correct. Students write this type of essay on various disciplines. It’s sort of creating an advertising campaign while sticking to higher standards.

How to Start

Start creating a paper with choosing the best topic. What does this mean? This means that an author needs to pick something, that he or she knows well and/or something that one finds interesting. Also, the student needs to make sure that one can easily find relevant sources of information to study the problem or idea well.

It’s recommended to go through the lists of the topics found in this article or on the Internet. It’s possible that you’ll find several interesting ideas, which makes it difficult to pick something. However, making a list of topics and then narrowing it down to just one can help you a lot.

In order to do this, try to make a few arguments convincing the reader in your point of view and see, with which one you can do this more easily. Also, check which ideas cause the most interest in you.

Different Topics to Choose from

Here, we have gathered a few topics, which students might find interesting, and in order to help them to find the best option, we have also divided them into several sections:

For Kids

The following are the topics suitable for kids:

  • People should read books rather than watch TV;
  • Teachers should limit home assignments;
  • Animals feel like prisoners in Zoos;
  • School attendance should not be obligatory.

For Middle School

If you’re in middle school, then you can consider the following:

  • Schools need teachers for education;
  • Is reading a thing of the past?
  • Is it possible to replace tutors with computers?
  • Schools should not make a school uniform obligatory;
  • Teachers should allow using smartphones in schools.

For High School

Below, we’ve added some interesting topics for those studying at high schools:

  • We need to ban the death penalty;
  • Why should children ask parents for permission to attend the concert of their favorite band?
  • Teachers should allow pupils to choose their seat place;
  • Video games are great for development;
  • Why parents should buy their children mobile phones?

For Fifth Grade

If you’re in fifth grade, it’s recommended to choose something from the following topics:

  • E-books can change our way to read;
  • Convince your parents to buy you a scooter;
  • People should use electronic mail rather than the traditional one;
  • Parents should not control their children too much;
  • Curfews are good for children.

For College

Choose something from the following topics to write a great persuasive essay for college:

  • Are transgenic foods good?
  • History can help us predict our future.
  • Is hunting good or bad?
  • Should we do human cloning?
  • We should apply taxes to junk food more than to those considered healthy foods.

How to Prepare Your Paper?

Once you’ve chosen a topic, make an outline of your paper, which can help you to keep your writing consistent. You can search on the Internet in order to find similar essays to see how they are written because this may give you the right ideas.

After making a draft of your paper, you need to go through the text again and edit all the parts of the text that you do not like, including words, phrases, and sentences. Once the text has been revised, proofread your paper by finding and eliminating all grammar mistakes.

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