Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting style

Often, the MLA style is used when it comes to citing sources in the humanities. Thus, it’s used when quoting various information resources while writing an article. This style has a particular list of requirements to follow when designing your paper.

Among other things, today, there exists a considerable amount of online resources as reference material. Do not forget that before you start formatting your document in the discussed layout, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest requirements and the so-called MLA manual.

Features of Modern Language Association format and how to apply it?

And so before someone starts writing an essay in the given model, he/she needs to know precisely what the style is. Students apply the style to document various sources that one uses in her/his paper. The formatting style has been used in educational institutions for more than half a century.

Among other things, it’s also used by scientists, journalists, as well as authors of various articles. Besides, this formatting style is used all over the world, and today almost all writers publish their works according to its rules.

The updates of the format appear almost every year. The latest changes were made to the format back in 2016. At that time, the layout clearly needed updates that would eliminate its main problems.

The writers should both follow the rules of formatting and citation sources from various resources. If one uses short quotes, then in brackets, a student should indicate specific information about the source.

Where can I find the layout requirements?

One of the primary sources where all the requirements and details for writing an essay are indicated is the Modern Language Association Handbook. To date, the guide was published in its eighth edition and is suitable for writers of absolutely all levels and experience. The handbook provides a detailed explanation of absolutely all principles of citing sources.

Thus, each of the writers wants to explain for themselves how to properly document sources in their work. This also applies to recommendations on the indication of scientific prose. Besides, the guide covers the principles of the originality of the text and parameters that can be considered plagiarism.

Among other things, there also exists an addition to the manual for the formatting style set out in the MLA Style Center. This online source gives all the information about writing MLA approach essays.

Besides, you have a unique opportunity to ask clarifying questions regarding the style. Many authors also share their opinions and experiences on using the style. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that in the next edition most often the publisher takes into account the users’ feedback.

As part of this resource, a writer can also analyze sample research paper templates. In addition to the basic instructions for formatting in the manner of MLA, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of training resources.

Modern Language Association style paperwork

In order to better understand how to apply the format, let’s look at the examples:

  • Main text. The main text should be written with double spacing. In this case, one needs to align the text to the left. Whenever a writer needs to create a new paragraph, one must do so with a half-inch indent.
  • The header of the work. If you’re writing in the layout of the Modern Language Association, the title must contain the name and page number. One can find the information directly in the upper right corner.
  • Field customization. When writing an essay, all margins should be 1 inch across all sides of the paper.
  • Font selection. In the settings, you need to specify the font Times New Roman and choose 12 font size.

These were just a few highlights of writing an MLA style essay. Do not forget that there exist many more such requirements. Therefore, if you need to write a work in the formatting manner, make sure to read the complete guide and all the conditions before proceeding.

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