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We request you to study these Terms and Conditions with utmost care before opting to use our website.


If you choose to use our services, it’s implied that you fully understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions of use including our Privacy Policy described herein. The Terms of use mentioned here apply to all those who visit and use our website. Your proceeding ahead to use our site is taken as your acceptance of our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. In case you don’t agree with any portion of these legally binding documents, you must leave the website immediately and not visit it.

Some of the most important expressions used in relation to our services are explained in subsequent sections. These will only have the meanings as described herein and should be understood as such. In these Terms and Conditions, the labels like “You”, “Customer”, “Client” and related forms refer to the person who uses our site. It’s also pertinent to note that by virtue of choosing to use this website you accept our Terms as elucidated here.

The labels such as “Company”, “Website”, “Site” or the first person pronouns used in this document will refer to us as the service provider. It should be clearly noted that as you choose to use our website, the information provided herein constitutes a legally binding agreement on you. It’s therefore your responsibility to read and understand the Terms and Conditions as explained herein before proceeding to use our website.

Eligibility for Use.

In order to be eligible to use our services, you’re required to meet the following conditions :-

The information provided by you during the registration process is 100% accurate and is complete in all terms.In case of any changes to the said information, you undertake to update the same.You’re 18 years or above and are capable of entering into legal agreements.By using our services, you’re not violating any rules or regulations of your school, college or university.

Please keep in mind that in case it’s learnt that you’re not meeting any of the above mentioned eligibility criteria, your account may get suspended or deleted without informing you. Your action to go ahead with the use of this site entails that you fulfill these conditions and are willfully giving your acceptance to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

Services Provided.

Our services pertain to assistance in academic assignment writing and are described in detail on our website. In order to make use of our services, complete acceptance of our Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite. Our services broadly include writing of book reviews, research papers, essays, term papers, dissertations, thesis etc from the scratch based on the instructions that you provide while placing your order.

You may also order proofreading, rewriting, editing, formatting or paraphrasing of an existing content. However, you must note that if the existing content has plagiarism of 40% or higher, it’ll be treated as an order for freshly written paper and charges will be levied accordingly. It’s also important to bear in mind that all our works are meant to be used only as personal reference or research material. Any commercial use of our papers is strictly prohibited and should be avoided in all circumstances.

In order to utilize our services. it’s mandatory upon you to fill up the order form given on our website. The charges for our services are standardized for ease of understanding; however, the same may be changed based on the difficulty level of your work and the effort required to complete it. We undertake to provide services to our users as per the Terms and Conditions mentioned on our site. These Conditions may be amended from time to time at our discretion and you must read the latest Terms and various policies like “Refund Policy”, “Privacy Policy” etc before placing your order. You can customize the format of your paper as per your specific requirements; the basic format that we provide constitutes :-

Font – Times New Roman in 12 point size.Spacing – double.Margin – one inch on each side.Number of Words – approximately 250.File Type – MS Word.Bibliography is given on a separate page.

A standard paper will include the Title page followed by the content of the paper and ending with the Reference page. We don’t charge any fees for the Title and the Reference pages. The fees that’s quoted is based on the above formatting and in case you need to change the format, there may be some extra charges for the same. For instance, if you need your paper in single-spacing, it leads to double the words (approximately 500) on each page and therefore the fees will be doubled.

Order Placement.

Please take adequate care to provide complete and precise information while placing your order. Any delays or cancellations attributed to an inaccurate or incomplete information provided by you won’t be our responsibility. You’ll be prompted to confirm the correctness and wholeness of the data and instructions before submission of the order form.

You’re also required to confirm your order instructions in the “Order Tracking” tab on our site within three hours of placing the order; for orders with deadlines less than 24 hours, this has to be done within one hour. If you fail to take this action, your order will not be processed and you’ll be held accountable for the delay caused.

Payment for Order.

As soon as the order is delivered, the payment is due and it’s your responsibility to make the payment in time and also to ensure that it’s successfully completed. If your payment is delayed or denied from your banker or credit agency, your services will be terminated immediately. The denial of payment from your paying agency will be considered an act of breach of the agreement and appropriate punitive actions may also be initiated.

Our fees don’t include the taxes, duties or levies that may be applicable on your use of the services as per the taxing regulations of your State or country. Please make sure that you pay the same to the tax authorities.

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