Advanced writing of comparative essay

A comparative essay is one of the options for writing assignments that you most likely have to write either for school, college, or already at one of the training courses. However, there are frequent cases when an essay must be written in order to get a private position in a new job. Anyway, the purpose of writing this type of essay is to check systematic similarities and differences between two objects and phenomena.

In order to write effective comparative essays, it is necessary to describe as clearly as possible the primary properties of the things being compared. Such matching is often intended to help make a choice between two compared objects. The central difference between a comparative essay and, for example, an argumentative essay is that the first should not substantiate more than one of the described subjects. In fact, a writer is required to conduct a competent matching of two subjects in order for the reader to get as accurate data as possible about the subjects.

The importance of writing a comparative essay

An essay writing at school is a very convenient way when you need to make a decision in favor of one or another subject and meanwhile have a series of arguments in support of your choice. Besides, a good essay writing helps to approach the selection process more balanced and in parallel to have a set of facts for accurate selection.

the importance

Well, perhaps the time has come to offer a few examples of objects or phenomena that can be compared with each other and they include:

  • Car or motorcycle;
  • Buddhism or Islam;
  • Thanos or Thor;
  • Fresh juice or Pepsi (all rights reserved);
  • Airplane or helicopter and so on.

When you write an essay on one of your chosen essay topics, you will be able to understand each of the subjects better. When analyzing each of the compared items, you will need to study the information on each of them as detailed as possible. Thus, you can conduct an in-depth comparative analysis and answer the question which of the two subjects is preferable for you.

The choice of model for comparative analysis writing

As soon as you get the task of creating an essay, it is advisable to quickly decide which of the possible methods of matching the items you need to select. Due to the fact that the selection methods for the analysis are straightforward tools, each of the writers will be able to operate the chosen method for a term paper efficiently. Thus, the term paper will turn out systemic and will contain the maximum number of arguments in favor of each of the objects.

Also, using special tools for matching, you will definitely not miss any of the arguments, and the topic of your essay will be fully disclosed. Do not forget that the professor expects this from you. It is not necessary to show the most obvious things that can be pointed out in comparison, namely those that could be understood exclusively through in-depth analysis and understanding of objects in the assignment.

Using Venn Diagrams for essay writing

The Venn diagram is considered a genuinely excellent tool for conducting comparative analysis. For those who hear about the chart for the first time, try to imagine this model in the form of two circles that partially overlap one another. Each of the circles represents one of the essay objects. Moreover, the areas of the circle that remain free should contain information that distinguishes one object from another. The area where the circles overlap is used to introduce similarities between two objects in the research paper.

! Pay attention that when using the Venn diagram for essay, the difference between the objects must be symmetrical.

Each of the differences that you indicate regarding one subject must coincide with the difference in properties in another subject of an essay.

Using the dialectical method for writing an essay

The dialectical method is a universal method of cognition, equally applicable in all varieties of this process. Since the laws of materialistic dialectics are of global importance and are inherent in any form of the movement of matter – the development of nature, society, thinking.

The dialectical method is a fundamental phenomenon in philosophy and is often associated with such famous thinkers that include:

  • Socrates;
  • Hegel;
  • Kierkegaard.

The theoretical basis of this method involves the retention of several objects or people in intense dynamic relationships between each other. Thus, the writer will be able to clarify not only what these ideas are, but also what kind of connections exist between them in the research paper. When using the dialectical method, there are two central issues, one of which is called the thesis, and the other one is the antithesis.

Main elements of a good essay

Before you can start writing such a task as a comparative one, you need to thoroughly understand what elements this task should consist of without fail. Thus, you are guaranteed not to miss the most important structural features like topic, thesis, outline, introduction, conclusion, etc.). Moreover, you should make sure that your dissertation will meet the requirements of the teacher. If you are not sure about all the needed requirements, contact your teacher for it.

main element

Remember that the teacher assesses not only the content of the comparative paper but also how you order thesis and the structure of the work as well as what elements you decided to choose for comparison. Even with the fact that the topics for essays are incredibly different, there is a particular set of components that combines all similar work. This is what we are going to discuss in details.

Competent selection of items for comparison writing

The primary principle on which the correct choice of objects or phenomena to be compared is based is the choice of those elements in the comparison of which there is a logical or actual understanding of similarities and difference.

! If the teacher does not see apparent reasons for matching between the two concepts when choosing subjects, then most likely your essay will gain only a minimal score.

It is also worth remembering that the essay does not actually have a direct reason to reveal arguments in favor of a particular subject. The most important thing that needs to be done as part of this assignment is to compare and contrast two subjects in the most effective way. Even though compared objects in essays should be naturally similar in their comparison, there should also be a certain logic. However, there is a reverse situation when a student initially selects subjects that are entirely different and thereby tries to create additional interest in comparative dissertation.

Imagine, for example, when comparing an owl and a turtle. Of course, most immediately rushed to declare that this comparison is absolutely absurd. Since the turtle swims in the water, and the owl, in turn, flies and lives on trees. Nevertheless, there is one factor that combines these animals, and this is the presence of infrared vision that helps them in finding prey. Amazing right?

Selection of parameters for comparison in the most efficient way

Obviously, in order to write an essay, you will need not only to choose two right elements for comparison but also focus on a competent choice of parameters that will be compared. The fact is that if you do not take this into account, then the comparison between two objects can turn into an endless procedure.

Remember that in a correctly compiled essay, the compared parameters should be selected solely on the basis of significance or reasons for which the comparison is made.

Of course, sometimes it is quite challenging to decide which sides of objects need to be compared in essays since each of the parameters seems very interesting. However, in this case, try to imagine the audience of those people who will read your comparative paper and also compare all this with the central purpose of writing your essay. Thus, the choice will be made much more comfortable in the research paper.

Logical comparison chain in an essay

If you do not want to be in a situation where the reader, when reading your dissertation, has to skip from one moment to another and meanwhile your story will look unconnected, you need to think about the structure of the comparative analysis in advance. That is why so that the teacher does not lose the thread of the narrative in your comparative paper, the comparison should be carried out in a clear essay structure along with topic meaning.

At the same time, remember that after identifying the properties of one subject, a comparison of the same features in another subject should follow, so the reader will not be lost studying the content you wrote. If you still doubt how clearly your work is stated, provide it for additional reading to one of your friends. After someone read the essay, try to ask clarifying questions as to how logically your dissertation sounds.

The most effective tips to write a college essay

Well, after you have learned the basics of creating a comparative essay and comprehend how to make your comparative paper more successful, it is the right moment to consider some tips on how to write a comparative essay. These helpful suggestions include:

  • Make sure that the comparison of items that you plan to conduct is really relevant in your essay. This means that the approach to the choice of two objects to be compared should be careful enough. In other words, try to determine in advance what common characteristics each of the objects has and also what their significant differences are.
  • Be careful when choosing options for comparison in an essay. When conducting a comparative analysis, try to do so that the parameters you are comparing fully coincide with an idea and purpose of writing an essay.
  • Be sure to use great benchmarking writing tools. Today there is a considerable number of different academic tools that can be useful for creating an essay by all students. These are tables, headings, diagrams, and other online tools. Thus, students can more reasonably carry out a comparative analysis in an essay.
  • Use a competent organization of the body in your writing. There are several ways to write down your essay paragraphs structure correctly. In the first version, writers can devote one paragraph exclusively to similarities between objects, and in the second paragraph point out the differences. In the latter case, which is more effective, writers can devote a part to each of the matching parameters.

! Avoid comparing two objects that are too similar. This makes no sense to write about it in an essay.

In conclusion, remember that if you still have doubts about your own abilities to complete this type of academic writing, you can always contact the writing service. Writing service professional team has many years of experience and will take up your comparative paper 24/7. Thus, writing your contrast essay as well as strong thesis will not take much time and will be completed in best terms and with a guarantee (according to the service policy). You are guaranteed to receive a great quality online service and unique essay in the shortest possible terms and under privacy policy conditions.

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