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Our Service Privacy Policy.

This policy defines the terms of services provided by us and our partners.It’s got legal nature and must be read carefully as it governs your relationship as a customer with us as the service provider. Once you’ve chosen to avail our services, you’re legally bound within the framework of this policy. It goes without saying that if you don’t agree with any points mentioned herein, you must not place an order with us and must immediately close the site.

The important aspects of this privacy policy are described in the subsequent sections. We request you to go through the entire document carefully before proceeding ahead to our website. For clarity purposes, we’ll refer to ourselves and our partners as the “website” and the person who uses our site as “you” or “user”.

The Privacy Policy.

The legality of this policy is upheld as soon as you open our website on any of your devices. Your usage of our site entails your consent to enter into this agreement with us. You may be prompted to provide your explicit consent during the usage also. If you keep using our website without your consent, it’ll be an illegal act and won’t be acceptable later. So, make sure to close the website and never use it again in case you’re not in full agreement of the terms described herein. This policy will be in force for the entire duration of your usage of our website.

General Points.

We aim to offer you the best of services and products to meet your expectations. In order to make it work, we need to understand your likes and dislikes. You’ll have to go through our easy identification process, which allows us to know you better. We can serve you with the best possible services only if we know your preferences, which is where this identification procedure comes into picture.

Your usage of our website means that you’ve given your consent for entering into the agreement with us. It implies that you’ve provided up-to-date, complete and accurate information that was sought by us. You also give your consent for us to store and use the information for the outlined purpose. The information contained in this policy is legal and must be understood in that manner. We don’t collect any data about you without your clear consent. It’s either submitted by you or we collect it after taking your approval.

You submit your information by your actions as given below :-

Filling up some form or answering a questionnaire. Communicating with us. Identifying yourself by providing identification data.

We can gather your data through any of the following methods :

Use of cookies etc. Monitoring your behavior and reactions on the website. Keeping a record of the transactions that you make on the website.

You can rest assured that we’ll never ask you or obtain directly any information that can disclose your :

Ethnicity or origin. Sexual preferences. Political opinions. Health and medical state. Beliefs including religious or others. Criminal history or records.

Information Obtained by Us When You Visit Our Website.

As soon as you open our website, we collect information about your device and browser type, operating system and the time at which you visited and also the total time spent. Please note that none of this data can be used to identify you. This information is only used to improve your experience on our site.

The Information That We Obtain When You Make a Purchase.

We collect some additional information about you when you purchase a service from us. This data contains your contact details including your phone number and email address, which is not only used to notify you about your order status, but also for promotional purposes by our marketing partners. We also ask you to provide us a copy of your driver’s license or any other national ID; this is required to identify you.

We may also seek some information on your credit card, if you choose to pay by using it. This data includes your name on the card and the last four digits of your card. This information is required in order to authenticate the payment made by you. If you select the “VIP Customer Care” service, we’ll keep you notified about the various stages of your project.

Policy on Cookies.

We make use of cookies and other related technologies to collect data about you. This data doesn’t contain any personal details about you and is utilized only to improve your overall experience on our website. If you want to read more on the cookies, you can visit our Cookie policy on our website.

Your Information is Completely Safe and Secure.

As our company policy, we take extreme care while collating and using your data. We only use the most trusted data transfer models to ensure that your information is never compromised. You don’t have to worry about your data’s security as we’ve got everything covered; after all we have our reputation at stake.


We collect some information about you by various means as mentioned herein. This data is mainly used to improve your experience on our website. No data collected by us will ever be misused or leaked to any unauthorized third party.

You’re welcome to let us know if you have any issues or complaints against our privacy policy. We’re open to healthy criticism and we encourage you to tell us if you feel that there’s some scope of improvement. You can also contact us if you need some additional information about our policy or services. You can simply mail us your queries, suggestions or issues and we’ll take care of them.

It’s important to mention here that you never lose access to your data and you can amend or delete it as and when you need. If you want to stop receiving SMS and email notifications, you can easily opt out of these services from our website or through our Customer Service representative. All types of notifications will then be stopped immediately.

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