How to Create a Great Nursing Resume to Get a Job

Writing a nursing resume is not just about providing information about your background and experience but doing it with the right words and in the right way. Of course, experience and skills are still the most important matter that will be considered by a recruiter, but the candidate should manage to provide this information in a clear and concise way. Find a few helpful recommendations and explanations on how to write such as a resume below.

What Should You Add to the Resume?

The standard fields to add in such a document include the following:

  1. Contact info;
  2. Education;
  3. Experience;
  4. Skills.

Depending on the candidate’s experience in a certain field, it’s possible to highlight particular points relevant to the job position. So, read the job description to get a full understanding of what is expected from you. Particularly, pay attention to the level of education, experience, skills, and traits required by the employer.

On condition that you’ve had previous experience, you can write a chronological resume where you will list the job positions one by one starting with the latest one.

If this is the first job you are applying for, try to find something relevant for it, such as coursework that you have written during studying, volunteer works, internships, etc. In this case, think of preparing a functional resume (a skill-based paper where you will need to highlight your abilities rather than experience).

How to Write Your Resume?

First of all, determine what type of resume you are about to prepare and conduct a search on the Internet in order to find suitable templates. Since you are about to apply for a nursing position, no one will require creativity from you. However, using templates will allow choosing the right layout of the paper and will also give new ideas of what to add to the paper.

Make a Draft

Prepare a draft of the resume and compare it with the requirements of the potential employer. Try to make sure that you have included only relevant information in the paper, which highlights your advantages. Use the same words used in the job description. Also, you can search on the Internet for action words that can be included in the resume to make it stand out from the competition.

Ensure the Best Quality of Your Paper

Candidate can do this by editing and proofreading the writing. When editing, make sure that the text flows smoothly and logically, leading the reading through your career path while giving a clear image of what you’ve done in the previous positions.

If you have no previous experience, check that you’ve provided enough information proving to be an ideal candidate for the job position. Also, check word choice in your work so that your writing looks professional. Proofread the paper to eliminate all mistakes or errors.

What Else to Do to Make the Right Impression?

Find out what the key points to pay attention to in order to check that the resume is of high quality:

  • It’s relevant to the job position. Make sure that you’ve provided the information about your skills and experience required for the job;
  • It has a professional name. A recruiter will appreciate naming the paper not just like ‘resume’. Add there more details, such as position and your surname, which will make it easy to find if needed;
  • It’s easy to get to the point. Recruiters do not like wasting their time trying to find the information they’re looking for. Make sure that the paper has a proper structure, its sections have own naming, and the employer will find everything easy;
  • It comes with a cover letter. The resume should grab the attention while the cover letter will allow getting more information about the candidate;
  • Keep it short. If you’ve been working in the field for many years, it may appear difficult to fit everything on one page, but it’s a preferable length of a resume. However, if you’ve worked as a nurse for over ten years, preparing a two-page paper is also appropriate.
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