What is the Costco essay, and how exactly to use it now?

Costco personal statement is the so-called type of academic work in which applicants write essays for high school and university in various specialties upon application. The essay got its name thanks to the unique work of Brittany Stinson, a senior schoolgirl who wrote about her insider experience with business Costco stores.

Like all other application students, she needed to describe some of the most significant experiences of her life that in one way or another changed her worldview. In turn, she decided to write about her reasonably long relationship with Costco stores.

! As a senior she managed to connect her childhood and teenage memories with her personal qualities and thereby prove that she deserves to get a place in the best educational institution, taking into account her great interest in learning.

It is noteworthy that the college paper essay that Brittany wrote was so unique that she received application invitations to continue her studies from the best schools from around the world. You may be surprised, but absolutely all Ivy League schools (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University) offered her to become an Ivy League student in their educational institution. Nevertheless, what was so special about the college paper essay that she wrote? Let’s review this school essay for application a bit closer.

Why is Costco’s essay so unique?

The first thing to analyze is the topic that the student chose to write her college paper essay about Costco for admissions. In this case, we are talking about Costco stores. It goes without saying that the first time you look at the Costco topic, you will not see anything special and unique. Besides, the experience that can be transferred in the framework of interaction with this network of stores is unlikely to surprise anyone or be somewhat different from the experience of other people with various phenomena and objects.

Nevertheless, she managed to reveal her personality in the framework of this Costco college paper essay in the best way. And this, in turn, guaranteed her admission to literally the best university establishments in the world.

So what is it worth writing about in this prompt?

The point is that you need to try to reveal your personality to combine this with practical life experience in college paper essays. Writing that you are a very smart or ambitious person is quite natural. Nevertheless, just try to imagine for a second how many students will try to surprise the commission in the same way.

! In order to be individual and achieve your result, you need to choose the topic that will provide you with an incredibly large space for creativity.

In turn, B. Stinson used Costco stores as the main focus for her college paper essay. Thus, the experience described has become:

  • Unique;
  • Original;
  • Individual (it would hardly have been possible to find a second such college paper essay).

The provided college essay with the very degree of uniqueness, love, and individuality is in high demand among teachers in the admissions committee.

Tips for selecting a primary prompt

Keep in mind that to describe her individual experience with Costco stores, Brittany did not have to come up with some kind of nonexistent narrative. The fact is that she talked about her personal experience of how she shopped in the network of this store. Also, she used a rather interesting writing technique. She combined her own experience and added a particular share of adventures which, in essence, helped to achieve a particular personal growth.

Costco essay tips

At the same time, she also showed herself as a decisive person and also demonstrated those character traits that helped to show resistance to her own mother, who was interested in exclusively free samples and even goods on sale. Having demonstrated her strong character traits, the author focused on the fact that these very things will help her to study fervently and achieve success in those scientific fields that she will consider.

Using a unique writing style

No doubt, Brittany tried to use impeccable words and phrases to diversify her narrative news as exciting and unusual as possible. Through the use of many compound words, she managed to achieve an engaging and sophisticated style of storytelling, which, in turn, helped readers to immerse themselves in her application story as deeply as possible and literally feel the experience witnessed by the girl.

By combining various tones of the narrative, she also managed to get several completely opposite emotional reactions from the readership in her Costco essay. She was describing herself as a small naughty child who is blinded by a hunger for news, love, and knowledge. She definitely wanted to arouse a sense of laughter and humor among reading audience.

In parallel, she also narrated her commitment and willingness to learn new knowledge through experience that would help her develop in the future. Such a non-standard combination of two opposite styles is just that unique component that teachers are looking for in your college essay when you go to college.

How to make your own college paper essay in this case?

Obviously that using precisely the same Costco prompt by other students would not be considered a good idea. Nevertheless, you can try to write your work in approximately the same format. So how to make your college essay special? To do this, you need to follow the following recommendations, which include:

  • Try to be as original as possible. Obviously, the admissions committee will not read your college paper essay for hours. Most likely, they will spend no more than 5 minutes on it. That is why you need to be as original as possible. To do this, try to look at the situation you are describing from different points of view and try to make sure that all the viral content that you write will be interesting to absolutely all members of the reading committee.
  • Be sure to connect personal viral experience with the future academic field. A unique feature of your work should be noticed along with the unique experience that you have gained in your life. You must also demonstrate a great determination to achieve the highest successes in the academic field.

Be decisive and confident

Try to show all your related decision to make maximum results in your studies and focus your attention on the readership. In her essay, Brittany indicated that from childhood, she loved to explore various new things and phenomena, and to the end tried to achieve all that she wanted. A similar approach is indeed attractive in terms of later part of academic performance.

Also, try to be sincere in your essay part. Of course, you can dilute and embellish the story with a few details, but the main narrative must be real. Remember that we are talking about entering a higher educational institution, and it is not worth it to initially show yourself in a nonexistent light. Indeed, if you are accepted, then sooner or later, everything will become visible.

! Pay maximum attention to editing your finished essays.

In order to verify your essay as effective as possible, try to check it several times but at different intervals. It’s like with the video that you like the most, and watch it to find some new details. Besides, you can ask your friends or acquaintances to read your work and possibly point out some big moments that need to be corrected. Nevertheless, you can also contact a writing service or a professional blog even staying at home, and order a ready assignment via email.

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