Culture Clash in “Two Kinds” and “Dead Mans Path” Essay

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The culture battle in Two kinds occurs between Amy Tan who has become “Americanized” and her mother who may be still greatly under China influence. Amy’s mum is convinced strongly in “The American Dream” “My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to maintain America” Displays the large sum of Aspiration and desire in her mother’s head about the near future for Amy.

Her mother continues the idea that Amy could be a star in the us when she says “You can be best anything” Not only does the statement reflect her ambitions for Amy and values but as well her cracked English represents that she is still greatly Chinese. Amy takes a edgy stance when her haircut goes wrong, and claims your woman likes it as it was certainly not what her mother wanted “I loved the new hair-do; it helped me look forward to my own future fame” The term not only displays her rebellious side yet also that she believes what her mother has said regarding being well-known.

Amy’s sights are filled with a degree of paradox in getting what her parents wished her to be “I was filled with a feeling I would soon become perfect” The italics in the expression represent however, what is strange of it as well as the certain amount of insecurity Amy feels. Amy’s mother is usually ironic to a degree although she might not exactly mean to be “Searching to get stories regarding remarkable children” The irony goes on as Amy is certainly not remarkable, and her mother thinks your woman can be. The simple fact Amy is definitely not remarkable is raised when she’s asked to recall what she recalls from a website in the bible. “Now Jehosophat had wealth and exclusive chance in abundance.

That’s all I recall ma'” The phrase demonstrates Amy’s recollection is poor and she actually is not extraordinary. Amy soon begins to don’t like her mom methods of aiming to turn her into a kid prodigy, and the cultures learn to clash because Amy’s mum still feels that the lady can be, nevertheless the Americanized Amy starts to detest it. “I hated the tests, the raised desires and failed expectations” This kind of shows Amy’s dislike of her mother’s methods, and the feeling that she has failed again and again. Amy then begins her rebellion in her feeling that she wont be who also she’s not. “I assured myself, My spouse and i won’t become what I’m not” This kind of shows Amy’s determination to succeed against her mothers is going to and not turn into a prodigy.

The view that a Chinese girl could succeed in American is brought back to her mum three months after when the girl sees a little Chinese young lady playing a piano in the news when Amy defends the lady her mother takes the traditional view that she isn’t trying and that’s why she’s faltering “Not the best because you’re not trying” The phrase emphasis’s the mother’s emotions towards her daughter just as traditional Chinese language culture it must be the child’s fault. The culture conflict is highlighted when Amy refuses to practice properly on her behalf performance and play’s terribly as a result her mum can be deeply ashamed as this lady has in China terms in least “shamed the family’s name” her father stocks a similar look at He says: “That was anything else” In ambiguous phrase, her mother has a appear on her deal with which rattles Amy and brings residence what she’s done “But my mother’s expression was what devastated me: a quiet write off look that said she got lost everything” The expression is effective as her mum experienced lost every thing, and Amy was her last hope.

Her mum continues her methods of Chinese belief some days after when in an argument the lady shouts in Amy within the basis that daughters in China happen to be obedient “Only one type of daughter can live in this property, obedient girl! ” This is one of the more crucial lines since it really reveals the China culture that children must be obedient and Amy can be not. Amy’s American morals and character are lifted when states “For contrary to my mother I did not consider I could become anything. I possibly could only be me” This emphasizes the fact she is not a classic Chinese girl the way her mum would like her to become instead she has her very own beliefs and lifestyle.

The first distinctive line of Dead Man’s Path emphasizes a culture clash, while the headmasters name is usually Michael Obi. Michael being a western brand. So he obviously provides western influence.

And his conflict begins along with his views “He was outspoken is his condemnation of the narrow views of these more mature and often much less educated ones” Michael is important of the elderly, which is likely a european influence but in most Nigerian towns the elders should be respected displaying a clash between his and African views. His ideas and views happen to be summarized and appearance to be the opposite of the town in which the institution is situated if he says “Everything will be contemporary and delightful….. ” The phrase modern is definitely italicized to exhibit that it is the contrary of the current village and the change Michael jordan Obi wants to create.

Michael jordan also tried to disassociate himself with the local people, and generate himself audio better. “We’ve got an opportunity to show these people how a university should be run” Shows not just disassociation in the phrase “these people” but arrogance, in believing they can show them tips on how to run a institution. Michael’s traditional western influence is likewise shown in the plants that are planted around school “Beautiful hibiscus and allamanda hedges” Both the crops are customarily western displaying Michael desires to westernize the school.

Michael’s amazement at the actions in the locals also shows his intolerance for both community traditions and respect to get the old “He was scandalized to see and old ladies hobble right across the compound” The phrase scandalized displays just how astonished he is the fact that event offers occurred; in addition, it shows his feelings regarding tradition, that it needs to be eliminated. To be substituted by his modern techniques. Michael in that case shows his ignorance with their culture by separating the incident as well as the school and exclaiming “And what offers that have got to do while using school? ” The expression is the two pompous and patronizing and shows his ignorance in thinking that the 2 should be divided and religion/culture should be held away from universities.

The clergyman when speaking with Michael has a feeling of electric power and looks upon Michael. “Look here my personal son” The priest uses this starting phrase to make a feeling of inferiority to Jordan he also bangs his stick in the grass to emphasize his point. Eileen responds for the whole dialogue in a very conceited way, “Our duty should be to teach your kids to laugh at such ideas” Displays his intolerance towards the priests and villages beliefs, and shows how he programs to change traditional ways. The conversation afterwards grinds to a halt with neither parting with their idea’s or traditions “I have no more words to say” Shows the priest continues to be defeated simply by ignorance, and the conflict between your cultures are not resolved.

Both stories include culture dissension neither ending with particularly happy being, However That stuff seriously in Lifeless Man’s Way the culture clash is somewhat more straight forward in that it is classic against contemporary. However two kinds is slightly more challenging as at first Amy seems to be trying to become traditional and try hard while Michael by no means wanted any kind of tradition immediately. Both traditions clashes involve arguments and verbal disagreements, and some amount of action.

Amy ruining her piano piece in Two Kinds plus the Michael stopping off the course in Useless Man’s Path. These are followed up by even more action in the other lifestyle; Amy’s mum continues to generate Amy study claiming your woman could be a natural born player whilst the villagers rip the school aside. In Deceased Man’s Path it is an opposite however I feel that Two Sorts is less therefore and the ideas are more interweaving however I actually still truly feel there is a significant culture clash.

In both stories however it is clear to find out that both equally traditional and modern landscapes find it hard to live alongside.

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