Benefits of Traditional Foods Essay

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1 ) Contain fewer chemicals Traditional food traditional food is no chemicals foodstuff. 2 . Health rewards Many classic foods are good for health.

Case in point: the sweets or pickles made of fruits and vegetables. 3. Healthy Indonesian traditional foods include a lot of great nutrition and nutrients that good for well being. Like rendang from Western world Sumatera, produced from meat containing proteins. four.

Made from natural ingredients Indonesian traditional food created from ingredients that remarkably nutritious, healthy, and safe. Like artificial colorings made from pandan leaves. 5. According to the style of Indonesian society Indonesian traditional food accordance in the public style. So it is thought to have good potential to become developed. six.

Cheaper Indonesian traditional meals are cheaper than foreign food. 7. Simpler to find Indonesian traditional meals are available and easier to discover. Like the sale of souvenirs and traditional community markets. eight. Creates jobs Another great economic effect of a more locally-based food method is shown by creation of new jobs and small businesses. on the lookout for. Economic improvement One good thing about local food is not talked about very much but must be since it provides tremendous potential to bring about positive change in communities all over the developing world.

This is the economic effect of moving to a more locally-based diet plan. Since every household atlanta divorce attorneys community consumes a significant piece of money upon food, the effect on the neighborhood economy of shifting even a portion of the expenditures to local things can be quite significant. 10.

Monetary benefits The existence of economic ( forward or backward linkages) profits consistent with more options and variety of meals from traditional food product, brought in and the combination of both Indonesian and overseas food. So that it can also be introduced to foreign marketplaces.

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