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1 . Management Decision Problem 1 ) 2 Decision Makers Essential Goal Holden should boost their innovation of products to increase their particular sales volume level. 2 . Promoting Research Issue 3. Research Objective Problem Holden really need to understand the Australian customer buying behavior or internal motivations, and which marketing technique is the most appealing to Australian customer.

Secondly, it can also use this evaluation on the Ro2. The aim of RO2 is to satisfy the customer several needs, therefore the test may be used to identify the actual customers’ real demand about the existing car or cool product is. For instance , quality and safety are crucial factors intended for Australia consumers buying a fresh car (Appendix 3).

Consequently , Holden can easily analyze the competitive abilities and failings, and then boost their products. This will improve their sales status. For instance , when individuals have issues in showing their viewpoints it will cause the discussion to get corrupted.

In this case, primary groups works extremely well for study objective three. Researchers of Holden Down under should makeup a target group in order to investigate buyer attitudes and behaviors. The key goal is always to increase Holden’s market share through consumer developments. There are three main issues to increase business and maintain competitive advantages.

Firstly, Holden should certainly build quality in its new product in order to satisfy consumer demands. For instance , safety can be very important for majority buyer (Appendix 3). The second topic is to focus on price, when ever consumers whom focus on cost will change their very own purchase tendencies (Ahmed, Meters., Zaman, Farreneheit. & Irfan, M. S i9000., 2013). For example , Holden can offer promotional program to attract customers.

The last you are that Holden’ sales services are a very important stage to increasing costumer’s willingness to acquire again. Reference Colquhoun, S i9000. & Blackbur, B. (2010, August 3). Ford, Holden fail satisfaction survey. Drive. Retrieved by http://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/ford-holden-fail-satisfaction-survey-20100803-114hk.html Coorey, P. (2013, December 11).

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