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Of Mice and Men explains to the story of two males, George and Lennie, who also seem to be uncannily paired in a society of loners. Lennie is very high, and very muscle with substantial strength, although also appears to have a major learning handicap.

George is definitely shorter, and far less good, but provides the greater brains of the match. Their friendship is exceptional, and even though George sometimes threatens Lennie that he will walk off and leave him, George never does. George sometimes becomes frustrated with Lennie and momentarily is convinced he would be better of with out him, therefore he may stay in one place longer and spend his “fifty bucks at the end of the month on no matter what he wanted”. They do apparently rely on the other person for more than lasting love however.

Lennie relies on George because of his lack of intellect, and George carries on the companionship because of the thought that Lennie would die if this individual were not right now there to take care of him. Lennie also craves a parent number, someone to take care of him, and someone to some day give him a thing soft to touch plus some rabbits to look after. The incentive George has for this is not easy to see, yet eventually you observe why they can be together. Lennie represents firm and reliability to George.

There was also a promise George gave to Aunt Clara, a character that is talked about very little and never found, that he would look after Lennie, and that assure seems to suggest a lot to both equally characters. At the end of the story, George remains looking out for Lennie. Lennie never hurt anyone due to becoming mean or cruel, just out of not being aware of his own strength and out of defence when he was worried.

George is aware of this. In the world in which ‘Of Mice and Men’ is set, the penalty for a fatality is loss of life, and everyone who is weak, crippled or old with no use any longer was killed. This is displayed clearly once Candy’s dog, his finest companion was shot.

This really is almost foreshadowing of what is going to happen. You will find three pairs on the ranch, Curley wonderful wife, George and Lennie, and Candies and his puppy. Curley’s palm is smashed by Lennie, and Lennie later gets rid of his better half, ending in Lennie’s fatality.

Candy’s doggie is taken when the additional men consider he is without more use on the hacienda. After all that Candy and his dog was through and the years of loyal service that his supposed best friend had performed for Chocolate, when forced into a decision, he made a decision to defy his loyal partner and decide on when he should die. Candy later on is angry that this individual did not get rid of his doggie himself.

George has the same belief than Candy, if he killed Lennie he seems to oppose that belief. George knows that with this society, when they find Lennie they will hang up, bludgeon, defeat and pain him to death. George does not want this tale to end in a painful death for his lifelong partner, and therefore this individual does not need Curley as well as the group of various other ranch hands to find him alive, for the reason that consequences will be far worse.

George understands that the other options are to give Lennie coming from his part into a mental institution where he would be a risk to him self and a danger to others, as well as to run to another town again, to full the routine once more and have once again someone else wiped out and to again have to run from an additional gang. George realises that they will be both not really options he could be willing to try. George also realises that Lennie is going to one day realize that they will do not have their own property, and the think of providing for themselves will never becoming reality. “All kin’s a fresh vegetables in the backyard, and if we wish a little whisky we can offer a few eggs or a thing, or some milk. We’d jus’ live there.

We’d are supposed to be there” (p. 54). People never always be any rabbits to tend to and if George and Lennie remain with each other they will do not have enough funds, because they are constantly on the run.

George did not destroy Lennie away of spite, not because of his thoughtless, innocent, work had dashed George’s desires of having a tiny farm. Because the other options were so much worse. Lennie died assuming that one-day they would get their own farm, with rabbits and alfalfa and enough to live upon for them the two. A happy place, with the sun and the rainfall and no someone to boss all of them around. Simply a place in which they would are supposed to be.

And Lennie died believing the dream that many additional men experienced died hoping to see. But there are two factors to the tale, and people likewise believe that George should have tried to spare Lennie’s life. As a result of his evident lack of commitment to Lennie and his selfishness he decided to take Lennie’s life. It is significant to the tale how George decides to kill his friend. This individual does not actually give Lennie a chance to escape from his pursuers but instead he shoots him in the back of the head exactly like what was done to Candy’s dog.

This shows just how, after all with the loyalty and love that both of these beings had given to their respective “friends”, both these styles the excellent creatures make a decision that they don’t need these people any more and choose to end the focused creatures lives in a lower than honourable method. However in Candy’s case it had been more a reason of not being able to endure the additional men on the ranch, however in George’s circumstance, it was George either looking to spare Lennie, or to give up the company because of greed and the idea that the common dream was obtainable with out Lennie behind his again.

When the other men locate George, this individual manipulates the case further, showing them that he murdered Lennie out of self-defence when he wrested the weapon that Lennie supposedly took from him. This individual rids himself of any kind of blame for the killing. Slender senses George’s feeling of remorse over the scenario.

However , the book ends with Carlson wondering why George is disappointed, once again demonstrating that the different men cannot comprehend the bond of friendship between George and Lennie. Though Steinbeck is definitely not trying to say that you can never trust those that you contact your friends, he is saying to be cautious of those who have call you a friend although only consider themselves while saying it. I, nevertheless , do not believe George slain Lennie out of avarice, I believe that the remorse George shows towards Lennie’s loss of life is valid and enough proof of that. I think about George in two ways at the end of this book.

My wish is that George somehow gets enough money to buy his farm with Candy, and so they live the dream. The probable stopping is that George continues living, trying to scraping enough cash to one day time have his farm, yet gives up expect, realises the dream can never happen and follows the other males, spending his fifty bucks in the cathouse and drink, to drown his heartaches.

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