Big five Personality Traits and Effective Leaders Essay

Queen. 1) What do you think Terry Leahy’s personality traits are for every single of the Big Five dimensions of character?

Identify and justify with regards to the case. Q. 2) Considering the 9 thin personality traits required of successful leaders, how would you level Terry Leahy on each one of these 9 narrow traits (i-e which ones he rate excessive, medium and low)? How come? Justify? Q. 3) The first weakness he stated was his “Irish Temper”.

Explain and justify whether Terry Leahy has a bad temper or perhaps not. Q. 4) Is usually Terry Leahy really simple. How do you continue to be that simple in spite of the success and the accolades? Does this man do not Ego?

Q. 5) What kind of Self concept does Terry Leahy include and how does it affect his business success? Does Terry Leahy posses a theory X or theory Con attitude? Q. 6) In respect to McClelland’s Achievement determination theory, which in turn of three needs Terry Leahy prices high, channel and low on?

Warrant. Q. 7) According to the 3M Leadership competency framework there are 12 expertise required of effective market leaders (i-e 1) Ethics and Integrity 2) Intellectual Potential 3) Maturity and Judgment 4) Client Orientation 5) Developing People 6) Inspiring People 7) Business health insurance and results 8) Global Perspective 9) Perspective and Approach 10) Growing Innovation 11) Building Relationships and Forces 12) Company Agility). Thinking about the above 12 competencies to get effective commanders which ones Terry Leahy great at and which of them he is significantly less good at and Why? Queen.

8) Successful Leaders require skills and take actions on 3 different methodologies i-e as strategists, since architects and since mobilizers (both internally and externally). Functioning through the circumstance how might define Terry Leahy’s position as a strategist, as a great architect and as a mobilizer. Q. 9) What proof is there that Terry Leahy’s leadership has developed over time? Just how has this individual developed his career?

Q. 10) Identify some of issues (or dangers) facing Terry Leahy today and in approaching years.

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