Why is Elie Wiesel’s book “Night” relevant today? Essay

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In the book “Night”, Elie Wiesel describes the horrors he previously to go trough during Holocaust when Nazis took over Hungary. He was continue to a teenager during that time, at that encounter had worried him for a lifetime. The book war drafted in the the middle of fifties the changing times when Soviet Union was still being alive and well, of course, if Germany by no means started the war it will have been the USSR. The ideas of Lenin and Stalin weren’t much different of Hitler’s in its core. There is a lot of racism occurring there also, and the crowd wouldn’t end up being that hard to rise against others.

The days of World War II seem to be really far away, and after this we are once again friends with Germany, inspite of all their deeds of the earlier. But still there is still racism and hatred in the hearts of many people. KKK remains to be alive in US and has a number of members, far away such as Russia so called pores and skin head firm has a large amount of power and has a large amount of members also.

Wiesel’s book is still relevant today since we are certainly not that definately not the times of war and terror when ever one race thought that it was superior more than everyone else, and what outcomes followed that we know from the book. It seems like unbelievable that the fathers of German people who we can see daily on the streets of America could take action like that. That they seem like all others, and they don’t have concepts of Hitler’s world dominance, superiority in their blood, they are not different from us, but still their very own ancestors were so easy to assemble together underneath the flag of hate. Hate to everyone in the world besides themselves.

The thing is that it doesn’t matter what kind of people you are trying to go up against others, they could be Germans, French, Russians, Americans or anyone else-it’s not that hard. We don’t believe many people, especially in richer parts of america, realize how it occasionally could be hard to be totally different from the majority. It’s really easy to make people hate someone, but it’s a great deal harder to show them to end hating and to treat associated with respect.

I know that there will be more battles, but I really hope that it will be over something different than racism and crazy ideas of world dominance, superiority. The communication of the book is that we ought to be really mindful not to repeat the mistakes of the earlier, we shouldn’t let an additional war happen and let many people die when it concerns few years. Wiesel could have been afraid that something similar may rise again, maybe not from Germany, but via some other region.

He wished us to learn on the errors of the previous so we don’t do it again them down the road.

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