Golden Valley Foods, Inc. Essay

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In this case, that Neal Middleton is intending to decide why Golden Pit Foods, inc., isn’t because profitable since it once was.

I recommend to Neil Middleton to perform a big difference in the company’s policy, is to do market segmentation. Golden Pit Foods has a line-forcing policy, requiring any kind of store that wants to hold its manufacturer to carry most of 65 things in the Fantastic Valley Food line. This kind of policy, resulted in a decreasing in its sales. Unfortunately, small stores aren’t generally to take the Gold Valley Food policy. In that case most of all their sales are derived from major superstore chain shop such as Safeway, Kroger, and A$P.

Based on the last president of the company said “The influence of your old parent or guardian company continues to be with us. So long as new products seem like they will raise the company’s revenue volume, they can be introduced. typically, there has been small, if virtually any, attention paid to margins. we are conscious that profits will come through good products produced in significant volume. ” I think that, by lowering the large quantity of items in the policy Fantastic Valley Food could enhance its revenue; marketing is the process of finding and translation consumer needs and would like into product and support specifications, creating demand for these products and companies and then, in turn, expanding the necessity.

Goods and services will not move immediately from the makers to the users. A marketing part is a significant buyer group having comparable wants. Industry segmentation may be the process of grouping buyers in to different groups having common desires or perhaps needs.

Thus, segmentation is actually a consumer oriented marketing strategy.; that can increase the revenue as well.

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