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Launch My name is Kevin Chen and i also am a senior consultant of the Boston Consulting firm. Per the request from the A/S Dansk Minox, a food products company, I i am preparing this kind of analysis to identify the existing challenges within the business of A/S Dansk Minox and provide possible recommendations. Like a consultant, Let me present the analysis without bias and for the best great things about A/S Dansk Minox. In the following evaluation, I am going to answer the following query: Should A/S Dansk Minox bring the cool product, complete meals, to the market?

Company backgroundThis case is placed in Denmark in 1967 when the boom in customer food products was just beginning more doing work mothers, even more disposable profits, more alternatives in ease food products. A/S Dansk Minox, a company in Denmark, focuses primarily on manufacturing a number of vacuum-packed various meats and other goods. DM features about 35 products and has a great location and manufacturer in the market. A/S Dansk Minox provides the vacuum packed products and consumers combine the vacuum packed plans along with the home made salad for meal.

Through consumer study, A/S Dansk Minox lately identifies there is a huge market potential for vacuum packed full meals. The meal contains a standard sliced pork in gravy, the product that A/S Dansk Minox is making, with 550 grams of red cabbage salad. Cleaner PackingVacuum Providing is a storage space method that preserves number of food. For example , pork, beef or vegetables. If effectively refrigerated or frozen, cleaner packaging works well in to get food refreshing for longer periods.

The plastic bags are often used to vacuum pressure packaged. The air is taken off creating a cleaner in the bag and the foodstuff is still left in the tote. In order to maintain vacuum, the bag is definitely sealed.

By researches coming from Fante’s Kitchen Wares Store, there are a lot of rewards for vacuum packing: 1 . Longer safe-keeping life of foods. According to researches, foods maintain their freshness and taste 3-5 occasions longer compared to conventional safe-keeping methods, because they don’t come in contact with fresh air. Due to the elimination of atmosphere to absorb the moisture through the food, vacuum pressure packing prevents dry out of moist foods, Because bacteria mold and yeast are not able to grow in a environment with out oxygen, foods maintain all their original overall look. Insect infestation is eliminated because there’s no oxygen coming in the bag.

The availability process of vacuum-packed products can become illustrated by the flow data 1) attached to appendix. Organization environment: The present business environment that A/S Dansk Minox operates in can be analyzed as follows. Threat of recent Entrants and Barriers to EntryAs the client research made by A/S Dansk Minox unveiled, there is continue to market chance for the cleaner packed items.

In order to create vacuum packed products, for example pork, vegetables, it is necessary pertaining to companies to acquire the production gadgets for the process of vacuum packing, meats cutting, sorting and packaging. It is crucial to buy the devices that lessen production some cost, boost efficiency. Therefore , in order to get into this market, the original capital expenditure in getting equipment could possibly be substantial and it creates limitations to admittance. However , the equipments are relatively easy to work, so the training cost and time to the workers could be nominal.

Moreover, the foodstuff product developing industry is not technology intensive plus the equipment could be purchased in numerous distributors, this factor in switch makes the fresh entry less difficult. Also, once the initial machines purchased, it will be fairly easy to bring in new product lines. Intensity of Competition Among CompetitorsThere are a range of vacuum-packed cooked products companies also in the commercial. Certain opponents of A/S Dansk Minox are expanding aggressively together already present the red cabbage salad in vaccum-packed, processed or frozen form.

There is low difference among competitors and price are the key factor in this particular market. Due to the large initial expenditure, the potential exit barriers could possibly be high in this kind of diverse competitive industry. Merchandise SubstitutesFor this type of product of vacuum-packed reddish cabbage greens, the Danish housewives very often make it on their own. Consequently , the relatives could choose make the salad or get it from A/S Dansk Minox. The switching costs are pretty low plus the family would have a choice of buying the products from the other manufacturers if the price and quality match their standard.

In term of meals storing methods, the reddish cabbage greens could be inside the canned or frozen form as well. These are the substitutes depend on the family’s preference and evaluation of price and quality. SuppliersThe suppliers of A/S Dansk Minox are the vendors offering raw material of pig, cabbage and other possible material for the process of packaging.

As pork and cabbage happen to be consumption merchandise, the price is affected by the need and supply from the material. Fortunately for A/S Dansk Minox, the suppliers will not have huge bargaining electricity since the material of pork and weight loss plans is hugely available in the market as well as the supply chain is considered to be comparatively stable. BuyersSince the pig and salad are very popular food in Denmark, hence the potential buyers from the product could possibly be anyone in the country.

Since persons now have more disposable income to spend on food products, also the vacuum-packed products like pork and cabbage happen to be wildly regarded as more convenient items, More specifically, the ladies in the work force, working mothers, represent the increasing area of the customers. Since this salad is quite time consuming to prepare in the home, the working mom prefer to purchase pre-prepared vacuum-packed products. The entire meal goods are the best products for them.

Company Technique: The technique of the A/S Dansk Minox is Cost leader. A/S Dansk Minox is operating in a huge market and the potential customers could be any friends and family in the country. The demand of vacuum packed product by is extremely elastic, this means the demand in the products are highly influenced by price. In order to maintain a competitive cost and take on the opponents, A/S Dansk Minox makes the products massively.

Strength: Biggest strength of the organization is the brand loyalty that already exists. Having 30 goods in the market, A/S Dansk Minox is wildly recognized by the consumers which is a trusted term. Once the new products introduced, it may enjoy the benefits associated with being a type of the company. Opportunity: By conducting a consumer research, A/S Dansk Minox recently identifies there is a huge opportunity for vacuum loaded complete dishes, even the competitors already present the ready-made red weight loss plans salad for the market. The ability came from the important points that the throw-away income of men and women increases, causing more investing in food products.

Increasing numbers of people prefer convenient food in order to it without any assistance. In addition , the ready-made combination of complete meal is very to working mothers, who want to reduce their time around the time-consuming salad dish. The proportion of functioning mother inside the work force is expecting to increase in the future, highlighting the great prospect of launching the new finish set product. The major issue that A/S Dansk Minox facing now is: Should A/S Dansk Minox bring the new product, complete meal, to the marketplace?

If yes, then simply how much the unit price ought to be? The price is usually uncertain due to the cost share problem increase by the new product, leading to lengthy discussions involving the marketing and financing departments. Business identifies the fee driver while per kilogram’ of material as well as the new product selling price at D. Cr eight.

20 can be proposed by simply finance section. Marketing division suggests that the cost driver ignores the price of weight loss plans is way cheaper than pig, however allocating a similar over head cost. Consequently they proposed a price of D. Crystal reports 6. 85 for the combo bunch. In order to find the answer for the condition above, Let me examine the following three alternatives: Summary of alternativesABCStatus Quo: Not present the complete meal product; abandon the brand new projectIntroduce the complete food product in a consumer cost of G. Cr. 6th.

85Introduce the complete meals product for a consumer selling price of D. Cr. almost eight. 20Alternative A: Status QuoAlternative A should be to abandon the new project of recent Pack not to present the complete meal product. As the brand new product are not introduced, it can generate not any additional profit to the business, i. e. the profit in 1966 could be the net earnings without the intro of the new product. Consequently, the pricing quarrels between the marketing and finance departments of the Danish company will not exist. Additionally , since the cool product is not introduced in to the market, absolutely free themes of the normal pack will remain with the products.

Accordingly, the sales from the old item will continue to rise in response towards the increase in industry demand. Substitute A: Not introduce the complete meal product New PackSales: 0Total variable costs0Allocated fixed costs0Profit0Alternative B: Introduce at a consumer price of D. Crystal reports. 6. 85Since there was extra capacity available for the production from the new complete meal item, the total amount from the fixed costs will not transform due to the suggested production in the new product. Likewise because these kinds of fixed expenses are costs that have already been incurred and that cannot be restored, they are considered as sunk costs.

In business decision-making such as the decision to add or perhaps drop an item or assistance, only gradual costs (variable costs) will be relevant to a decision. Therefore , the total costing technique (the normal cost accounting) the attempt to allocate the company’s fixed costs to the diverse products created during a particular period of time, can be not appropriate for this type of management decision making.

The correct approach to support decision making to boost a company’s profitability is known as a contribution research: Revenue Variable Costs = Contribution Margin every unit(Contribution Margin per device x total units produced) Total Fixed Costs = Gradual Profit/LossAs a result, the company’s profit in 1966 will probably be increased simply by $99, 400.00 (See Table 1 pertaining to detail) in the event the new product is usually introduced in a consumer price of M. Cr. 6th. 85. Compared to Alternative A, A/S Dansk Minox is more preferable off by increase of $99, 435.00 in income. In the event that the company is not capable to produce 85 tons of new products, the profit improved above will not be achieved.

In the table proven below, in order to achieve the profit by selling 31 tons new items at Deb. Cr eight. 20, we should at least sell 52 tons of cool product at Deb. Cr six. 85.

Contribution Margin for the consumer price of Deb. Cr. 6th. 85 by Minimum product sales volume= incremental profit to get introducing the item at a consumer price of D. Crystal reports. 8. 201.

17X = 60, nine hundred *X sama dengan 52, 051* see alternative C for detailLong term decisionHowever, the contribution analysis is mainly useful for immediate decision-making. Intended for the long-term purpose, the corporation still demands the full costing analysis to calculate the money of each merchandise. Within company’s capacity, the availability Fixed Expenditure for the new complete meal will be the identical to existing products as Deb. Cr. zero. 54 every kilo.

All the other overhead could be the same as the current product as well. In the event of go beyond capacity, need to allocate further Production Set Expenses. to obtain the correct volume of profitability, A/S Dansk Minox needs to find an appropriate cost driver to allocate the availability fixed expenditures. As mentioned by the advertising department, the total sales amount (expressed in kilograms) is probably not a proper approach to set aside the set costs.

A/S Dansk Minox could consider using the value of product as the allocation basis, since the buyer price is even more relevant to the fixed cost to do business and better matching charge with earnings. Therefore , from the following desk, we proportional apply the availability Fixed Expenditure: new packStd. Pack6. 854.

85X0. 54X=0. 76Therefore, in the long term, 0. 76 production set expense ought to be allocated to you Kg of complete meal. Please note that people assume selling price at Deb. Cr. six. 85. In the case of retail selling price as D. Cr. 6. 85 and with an allocation of D. Cr. 1 . twenty for production fixed expenses, the total product cost will probably be D. Crystal reports. 5. twenty two. The profit in 1966 will be increased by $60, 900. Compared to Alternate A, A/S Dansk Minox is better away by the enhance of $60, 900 in profit.

ConclusionsIn order to better evaluate and compare every one of the qualitative and quantitative alternatives we reviewed above, we have to take into consideration of certain crucial decision-making requirements: 1 . Boost profitability (measured by contribution analysis, initial decision making)Increase profitability and improve shareholder equity is a primary target of a company. By enhancing profit, the company’s cashflow is possibly increased, to ensure that company’s capacity of appointment liability is definitely enhanced. In the event of possible investment opportunity develops, the company will probably be financially versatile enough for taking it.

2 . Consistent with the corporate and business strategyThe alternative we take should be consistent with the approach of the firm, so that the actions will be towards the company goal and will be sustainable. 3. Lost of customers by the Standard PackTo better measure the alternatives, several important qualitative factors should be considered, potential dropped of buyer by regular pack caused by the introduction of the new product is one of them. 4. Inside capabilityAre the alternatives attainable?

Or they may be out of the capacity of the business and will not be able to achieve? The subsequent table reveals how we assess the different alternatives by applying these kinds of criteria: ABCStatus Quo: Not introduce the complete food product; abandon the new projectIntroduce the complete meal product at a consumer price of D. Crystal reports. 6. 85Introduce the complete meal product at someone price of D. Cr. 8. 20Improve profitability employing contribution examination (short-term decision making) NoAssuming 85 plenty of new products can be purchased at value of D. Cr six.

85, hence the profibility will be improved by D. Crystal reports. 99, 450Assuming 30 tons of new products can be purchased at value of G. Cr almost eight. 20, and so the profibility will be improved by simply D. Crystal reports. 60, 900. Consistent with strategyN/AThe company’s approach is cost leader, the price tag on D. Cr.

6. eighty five is like company’s strategy and boost the competitiveness from the company. The company’s approach is expense leader. the price tag on D. Cr. 8. 20 might be way too high for certain buyer, resulting in shedding the competitiveness of the organization. Lost of customers by the Regular PackNoIt is confirmed there is still a fantastic untapped prospect of the new item so the buyer will continue to buy the two new and old items. Sales of standard pack will not be influenced.

Since there is still a great untapped possibility of the new product so the buyer will carry on and buy both new and old items. Sales of standard packs will not be damaged. Within capabilityN/AThere are spare capacity readily available for the company plus the production will not likely exceed right now. If the cool product keep raising in the future, there may be possibility of exceeding beyond budgeted capacityThere are free capacity readily available for the company as well as the production is not going to increase a lot of due to the large selling priceIn conclusion, simply by comparing the alternatives up against the key decision-making criteria, substitute B, which will introduces the complete meals product in a consumer cost of D. Cr. 6th.

85 is a good option for A/S Dansk Minox. Since the absolute goal for A/S Dansk Minox is creating higher cashflow, improving profitability should be the major criteria that we should consider in decision making. Substitute C enhances profibility by simply D. Cr. 99, 435.00, which is Deb. Cr 38, 550 more than alternative B and D. Cr 99, 450 greater than alternative A. Moreover, alternate B is usually consistent with the company strategy.

From the content that individuals demonstrated recently, the business approach of the organization is expense leader. A/S Dansk Minox produces these products massively in order to keep a low value and complement the competitors. Therefore , bringing out the new merchandise price in D. Cr.

6. eighty-five does a better job in fitting in company’s approach than the various other alternatives. In addition , alternative M will not have large impact for the existing companies it works in the capability of the business, comparing to other options. Suggestions A/S Dansk Minox is facing an exilerating opportunity of introducing a new product line that could possibly increase the profit greatly. We recommend the company introduce the new complete meal for price of D. Crystal reports.

6. eighty-five, also taking the following actions: 1 . Bring in the complete meal to the whole organization and the public at the earliest opportunity in order to permit more people know about the modern product. 2 . Inform the production department through adding the new merchandise into development plan. Evaluate the difficulty of implementing the newest product line. several. Inform the marketing division.

Ask for possible promotion topic and plan that could associated with biggest product sales impact. 5. Call suppliers at each degree of selling funnel regarding the advantages of the cool product. 5. after few months, perform customer analysis in order to evaluate the success with the new product or perhaps possible commandsNot only option C is a solution that relatively easy being implemented, it is additionally expected to generate highest income to meet the company’s operating goal. By setting the cost of new product in as low as D. Cr.

6. 85, the need of the item remains high and the company strategy of cost head will be maintained. Introducing the brand new complete meal increase the competition to utilize the company’s durability and help organization to survive through this highly competitive market. Bout: Flow chart 1)Table 1Alternative B: bring in the complete meal product at someone price of D. Cr. 6. 85New PackConsumer Price6. 85Turnover Tax(0.

76)Consumer Cost Before Tax6. 09Retailer’s Margin (1. 31)Price to Retailer4. 78Variable Costs: Material: Pig 1 . 67Labor: Pork zero. 25Material: Cabbage 0. 5Labor: Cabbage zero. 25Packaging zero. 26Transportation, Storage0. 2Margins and Discounts to Wholesalers zero. 38Sundry Variable Costs zero. 1Total Adjustable Costs(3. 61)Contribution Margin1. 17Sales volume @ 85 plenty 1x eighty five, 000 kgIncremental Profit99, 4501 Assume some of the sales amount of the complete meal product is the same as the sales price range when the complete meal product is released at a consumer price of D. Crystal reports. 6. 85. Table 2Alternative C: introduce the complete meal product at someone price of D. Crystal reports. 8. 20New PackConsumer Price8. 20Turnover Tax(0.

91)Consumer Selling price Before Tax7. 29Retailer’s Margin (1. 57)Price to Retailer5. 72Variable Costs: Material: Chicken 1 . 67Labor: Pork zero. 25Material: Diet programs 0. 5Labor: Cabbage 0. 25Packaging 0. 26Transportation, Storage0.

2Margins and Discounts to Wholesalers 0. 46Sundry Variable Costs 0. 1Total Variable Costs(3. 69)Contribution Margin2. 03Sales volume @ 30 plenty 1x 35, 000 kgIncremental Profit60, 9001 The actual product sales volume of the complete food product is usually 30 loads when the complete meal product is launched at someone price of D. Cr. 8. 20bibliographiesA/S Dansk Minox Gordon Shillinglaw, Columbia University ISBN 0-538-88967-5 to Accounting

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