The novel Great Expectations Essay

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The novel “Great Expectations” was intended by simply Charles Dickens as a sociable commentary on the society of pre-Victorian age England. Through his make use of intricate characterisation, narratorial points of views, comprehensive information and the satrical outcomes, Dickens ridicules and so reflects various key principles and behaviour of that contemporary society. He shows the importance of sophistication and the bias associated with class, the beliefs of world towards ladies and the thinking of individuals, in addition to the injustices and arbitrary mother nature of the justice system.

Even victorian England was obviously a society that valued class distinctions, and this is clearly shown in “Great Expectations” by the selection of characters portrayed and the later outcomes of their actions. There are many bias associated with course. Upper-class everyone was treated with more courtesy and society had little value for the reduced classes, frequently treating them as scammers. This misjudgment towards the reduced classes can be clearly obvious in “Great Expectations”.

Magwitch tells Pip about his trial with Compeyson. Magwitch had to “sell all his clothes” to purchase a lawyer and was still offered a longer sentence because “everyone saw “what a lady he (Compeyson) looked, and what a wretch I (Magwitch) looked”. Even though the rest of the new is advised through Pip’s narration, it is told through the lien of Magwitch. This illustrates the situation and arouses sympathy in the fiar towards Magwitch. As well, Estella’s initial take care of Pip as well shows the prejudices of sophistication.

Estella is fun of Pip’s appearance; “what coarse hands he provides, what heavy boots”, simply because Pip comes from a lower operating class history while she has been brought up as a lady. These situations reflect the attitudes of this society to people of various class qualification. A person’s class qualifications dictated their very own life.

Funds and riches was respected and focused life. Yet Dickens shows his character types to show the startling between your lives of various classes. His depiction of Joe as a man with the working course is in immediate contrast with the “gentleman” character types such as Compeyson and Drummle. Joe is portrayed like a wholesome, diligent man with a lack of material riches but in own a kind center, Drummle is definitely portrayed since gentleman whom are frosty, cruel and completely with no morals who have “either beats or cringes”. Dickens “rewards” his heroes for their conduct with what he believes that they deserve.

Paul was able to business lead a comfortable and happy existence with Biddy while Compeyson and Drummle met violent ends. This characterisation reveals the startling differences in the moral dietary fibre of the different classes, and discredits a well known attitude during the time that upper-class people were more gentile and moral.

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