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Was the Character and Influence of Anne Boleyn the main reason to get the The english language Reformation? Though Anne Boleyn can be seen being a very major reason for the start of the British Reformation, the girl herself is usually not the main reason, there are many various other major factors towards the English Reformation, with Anne Boleyn being only one of them. Anne Boleyn could have lead Holly into concepts that lead to the reforms, when it was known that she was a keen target audience of and an educated girl, and launched Henry to the ideas of varied protestant authors, such as Bill Tyndale.

Origin 7 can support this kind of, as it shows Henry because very in love with Anne Boleyn, Campeggio published that Henry thinks nothing but Anne if Anne introduced any fresh ideas and books to Henry, it probably that he would have browse them and stay deeply interested in them as they were introduced to him by his appreciate Anne whom he would whatever it takes for, from the way Campeggio writes about the man. Also at the time, Henry would still be married to Catherine, therefore Anne bringing out these texts to Holly could have been her way of aiding her marry with Holly and be her queen.

The writer of the resource, Cardinal Campeggio was producing reports to contacts In Rome in 1529, this being a period when Holly had a significant tenuous marriage with Rome after they rejected Henry’s demand to have his marriage with Catherine annulled, so it’s possible that this individual writing this kind of to slander Henry as he is honestly being crazy about someone aside from his partner, or he could be trying to portray Henry as quite a fragile man who have been totally charmed by Anne Boleyn. However , Supply 8 would not make reference to Anne Boleyn, and instead puts forward the concept Henry’s primary motivation together with his divorce, through proxy his break with Rome was his wish for a men heir to succeed him, as he believed that he was heart-broken by Goodness and that he will not father a son if perhaps he was continue to in a illegitimate relationship with Catherine, who had been his brother’s wife prior to he died.

This was as well Henry’s main argument intended for the annulment of his marriage with Anne, as it states in Leviticus that If a male marries his brother’s partner, it is an act of impurity; he has dishonored his brother. They are childless and that he acquired no alternative as a passionate Christian but to obey. For this reason, it is entirely possible that even if there was clearly no Bea Boleyn, his request for a great annulment might still happen, and it could possibly still lead to the English reformation since his major reason for doing so was so that he could legally divorce his better half.

It could be asserted however Holly might not have recently been introduced to protestant ideas while Anne was the one who launched him to the various Protestant writer’s performs which might include inspired him to break with Rome. Resource 9 has a very different perspective when it comes to the break with Rome plus the English reformation.

The source argues that the anticlericalism within England during that period helped Henry break with Rome since it provided an environment in which a break from the power of the Pope was at least conceivable Nevertheless , they don’t deny that Anne Boleyn had a component in the reformation, and that her acquaintance with all the various protestant writers with the times inspired Henry, using their ideas as they clearly appropriate his personal, contrasting with all the other sources, which will sort of insinuate that Bea had a sort of complete control over Henry, since it is makes away that Henry was completely enamoured with Anne and thinks nothing but Anne. In summary, although it could be definitely noticed that Anne played a serious part inside the reformation, and is considered a key factor in the reformation, the girl was not the main factor, since Henry would not have been capable to even look at a break with Rome if perhaps there not the anticlerical attitude that was sensed within England against the Catholic church when it was quite a high-risk move to start with already as the countries of The european union would have a new reason to attack Henry as a heretic. Henry’s desire for a kid is also one other main reason to get the reformation, as that could be argued as one of his main reasons to divorce from Catherine and marry Anne.

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