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My spouse and i picked this kind of poem since I could picture the main persona and his daily struggle obviously as I see the poem. Edwin Morgan applied a lot of descriptions in the poem talking about the surrounding area of the cafe and described the main character.

The primary theme that runs believed the whole poem is one of the daily struggle that the elderly gentleman’s has to proceed through although people could be aware of when he talks to you they are uninformed to the reality of the help and support that he might need. This is certainly portrayed in the poem by the following lines: – “An old man is attempting to get to his feet” “Slowly he leavers himself up, his hands have no electricity. ” “He is as much up as he can get.

The dismal hump looming more than him forces his head down” “The face not seem, bent down in a shadow under his cap” “Even on his feet he is staring at the floor or perhaps would be if he may see” Edwin Morgan’s descriptions uses a large amount of literary methods to help all of us picture the character one of the approaches he uses is rapport this is utilized to show that nobody is actually interested in this kind of gentleman. “A few heads turn in the crowded night snack pub. ” Accommodement again is employed describing the gentleman progressing to his toes with no self-esteem or status. “Slowly he leavers himself up, his hands do not power” The phrase leavers likewise could stand for the hard mechanical movement the fact that hands go through slow and stiff. The next literary approach showed enjambment something that recieve more than 1 meaning this is shown in “The disappointing hump emerging over him forces his head down” This line could mean that the character has a humped back but it can also mean that the character contains a dark cloud hanging more than him not any self-esteem, not any status.

That he is unseen in today’s society. “He stands in the stained beltless gabardine such as a monstrous animal caught within a tent. ” This phrase gives the meaning of a creature like California king Kong in addition, it has unnecessary repetition running through the theme that he slitters along unnoticed. The 1st turning point with in the poem that makes the character real rather than creature when he states which the character is definitely blind and although his appearance isn’t appealing to people around him he probably would not notice when he cannot see it. “Or it would be, if this individual could see”.

Edwin Morgan then procedes explain that he realises how the man’s white keep that once might have been fresh and clean was now all “scuffed and muddy” which informed myself the fact that man almost certainly lived alone, that there was no one there to help him co-ordinate to see that his clothes were clean and look good. Edwin Morgan then email lists the character types afflictions in the poem making you see him how everybody around could see almost making you feel shame for the gentleman. “Long-blind, hunchback born, half paralysed. ” Edwin Morgan then simply makes the persona real if he states that he “Speaks” This makes significant probably grubby deformed thing actually individual. “I need the toilet” the character is also exhibiting his weeknesses that he has to point out out loud an individual function, producing him delicate and based upon someone else’s help.

The text then adjustments into a couple having a dialogue stopping him from getting the simple object that folks are overlooking to a person asking for support a human being. The gentle man hakes the man’s provide trying to take charge of the situation but the guy tells him “Give me your provide its better he says” Again the communication between the two gentlemen makes him real and also fragile once again that he can dependent on someone else’s help.

Onamatapia is used in the next line to show the velocity used to travel and leisure across the coffee shop “Inch by simply inch” With a passive guide on how they go “We drift” Edwin Morgan then describes what is possibly a short range actually feels as though a vast place by using the slimily. “A couple of yards of floor are like a landscape” The word surroundings could also refer to obsicals that they have to avoid to cross the ground. That it feels to him like “Time has nearly stopped” that it can be taking an eternity to reach their particular destination. Edwin Morgan after that sees the earth through the gentleman’s perspective: “Slidie puddle from your night’s umbrella’s” “Table corners, people’s feet” “Hiss from the coffee – machine, sounds and laughter, ” “Smell of cigar, hamburgers, wet coats piping-hot. ” As well as the shuffle with the slow speed to the stairs shoes alliterations the shuffling sound inside the words “And the slower dangerous in . to the stairs” The tone of the poem changes to quite an active a single here but it also shows just how dependant the gentleman is still still weak and needs help “I put his hands on the railroad. ” “And take his stick” “He clings to my opinion. “The stay “this can be enjambment the stick may represent the gentleman supporting him. “White tiles and mirrors eventually, he shambles” the copy writer is employing synecdoche in this article to symbolise that they have come to their destination.

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