Characteristics of Maggie and Don in the Rainbow Bird Essay

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Margaret is a nature-lover & fascinated by nature.

Instead of paying attention in class, Maggie’s head “had been filled with a vision of the bird. ” This obviously shows that she’s so enthralled by the rainbow bird that she are unable to concentrate in class. From what her mother said, “It’s a fowl now”, I could infer that she may possibly have additional interests ahead of. In school, the lady carried “beetles’ wings and cowries” regarding in her desk “to stare at” and this demonstrates that she is an individual who loves nature. Her love for nature is also evident in the way the girl reacts the moment she discovers that the Sweetie Man wiped out the offers a bird as well as family. Her anger and sorrow reveal how much the bird way to her.

She is secretive, loner and is misitreperted by others. Maggie will not let her friends know about “her secret” about the rainbow chicken. She is worried that if perhaps they check out the rainbow bird, they may start teasing and producing fun of her. Margaret is very psychological, sensitive and revengeful. After hearing about the rainbow bird’s death, Maggie “lets herself get proved helpful up” and started to bane the Sweetie Man.

This is certainly evident in “He can die. I realize he will.. Provide him correct, too” Your woman hates the Honey Man so much that she explains him as a “devil” and a “beast” and wanted that “forked lightning might leaped from the sky and char him to ashes. ” This clearly demonstrates Maggie retains a grudge against the Honies Man and it is revengeful.

Margaret immediately inhibited the Sweetie Man, “What’re you performing with that firearm? ” This shows that Maggie is very straightforward and impolite because your woman did not greet the Honies Man the moment she observed him. Soon after school, Margaret “raced down” constantly urging Don to rush up. This kind of shows that she actually is anxious to satisfy the rainbow bird and impatient. The lady told Don to “chuck” the parrot away and Don “obeyed” her.

Margaret was able to make Don tune in to her and able to control Wear. Maggie could identify that it absolutely was Cafferty the Honey Guy who was the “big, dark figure” around the slope. The lady could see a “lump” in the pocket.

Maggie watched the Honey Man’s every move and is for that reason observant. Although the rainbow parrot is deceased, Maggie remains hating the Honey Guy that he killed the bird. She also thought that those were “burying the rainbow bird”.

This kind of shows that she is unrealistic and was still taking into consideration the rainbow bird. Maggie can be imaginative. Although the rainbow bird is lifeless, Maggie is attempting to “imagine” the range bird and thought that those were “burying the rainbow bird”. This shows that Margaret is very imaginative. Upon hearing that the Darling Man is usually charging “six-pence” for every offers a bird, Wear planned to look hunting for offers a birds with other boys.

He was not on his sister’s part and wished to kill the rainbow chickens for money. This kind of shows that Put on is money grubbing. Don “obeyed” his sister and “chuck” the rainbow bird apart.

Don desired to ” experience if there are any little ones” in the nest without considering that the mother bird would venture away. He did not realize that there was an individual near the nesting and was about to go on nevertheless Maggie halted him. This kind of clearly implies that he is break outs, and do issues without thinking. Although the rainbow is usually dead, Don “pretended this individual did not care” and did not console his sister. This individual did not think sad when the rainbow chicken is dead.

This demonstrates that he is unresponsive and terrible.

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