Characteristics of the Market Essay

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Horizon should also evaluate its current brand placing in the market and rework it is strategies in the event needed. 2) Q1. Exactly what the characteristics in the market dished up by the Ecart Foods Firm?

Horizon is actually a specialty food processor. It has served a national marketplace composed of food brokers who also represent retail store chains. The meals brokers make orders to Horizon. Generally, the purchases are tiny. The production is done in two different crops thanks to the elements from something to eat suppliers.

The plants are located in farming areas to minimize the cost of transportation. Moreover, Intervalle produces in big amounts, and the food produced is incredibly good in quality. The production can be dispatched to several public warehouses. Then, these kinds of warehouses use contract companies to deliver the items to the customers.

Because of the small orders, the transportation price to retail stores can be excessive. The market is incredibly competitive because so many of Horizon’s food opponents also offer a complete production collection

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