Model of Communication Essay

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I just attended a lecture provided by a geriatrician.

He was speaking on healthful ageing. A lot of the audience consisted of people above the age of 60 years. On the other hand there were a lot of youngsters as well like me. The appealing fact regarding the whole lecture is that the geriatrician possessed the qualities of any good orator.

What is said is not so as important as how it is said. All the health related data was given in an easy to understand and interactive way making the speech structured, intentional but formal. The audience got sure to be receptive for complete one hour as a result of excellent communication techniques in the speaker.

The attention contact of the geriatrician was excellent. His eyes shifted in all the guidelines which retained the audience engaged. He employed interesting 35mm slides to present his point. The slides would not just comprised written words but also lots of pictures and easy to know graphs.

This all made the lecture more interesting. There was a top degree of market participation as the geriatrician did not only kept on speaking on the subject, rather frequently asked questions. He also scheduled the final fifteen minutes from the lecture intended for the audience to inquire questions or clear their doubts if any. He stood in the center of the room great facial movement, and body gestures beautifully matched the contents of the meaning he desired to convey.

He was a lot young than the majority of the audience going to the lecture but his excellent command on the subject that he was speaking and the matured way in which having been conducting the full session led to a wonderful online session. He reworded specific information in order to hold the interest of the handful of young audience who were present. Thus just about every element of connection such as the fernsehsender, message, method of connection and the recipient were in perfect synchrony making the lecture an enormous success.

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