“Two Ways Of Seeing A river” by Mark Twain Essay

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In the story of ” 2 different ways Of Viewing A river” was a personal and creative essay. It was published in 1883 in Mississippi, by Mark Twain. Mark Twain explains how something and so beautiful can make ugly having seen it numerious of times.

It is not only ugly because of seeing iy numerous of times it is the way this individual sees the river from a different point of view and another type of knowledge. Tag Twain initially sees the river as a beautiful location to relax in, he desribes the riv to be majestic. Mark Twain would love to admire the beautiful sun and steamboat. Mark Twain would 1st go to the river just to check out for his enjoyment and to relax. Afterwards Mark Twain starts to actually work on the steamboat and suddenly his view on the river improvements because he has more knowledge and expierence on the river.

Tag Twain updates how harmful the steamboar actually is and how it can kill his people. Mark Twain views on once what he previously on the riv which was relationship and magnificence was at this point all absent. Mark Twain helps us by educating us to never see a thing from only 1 point of view.

Almost everything has to sides to this. A gold coin has two sides to it, A tale has two sides to it, plus the river offers two factors to that too. For just one the river can be the source of life, might hold gorgeous colors, have breath taking scenaries and retains beauty within everyinch of computer, but on the other hand the river can lead to a lifestyle diaseter when you are dangerous and posseing the power to eliminate passengers within the steam boat. Mark Twain tells us to pick up the facts before analuzonf anything at all so then you can definitely gain a few knowledge about what you will be analuzing.

For example a doctor may not be able to start to see the beauty within a human being because he got and so use to his job he is only use for seeing their illness or disease. Tag Twain claims ” you already know and you gain but in gaining all this technological knowledge you might lose the perpective of what is the essence. ” Mark Twain means by this is how knowledge may overcome beauty.

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