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Individuals are generally referred to as unique, not just one of us will be ever the exact same to another person. If we put a little logic, unique people make up communities, thus communities are also somehow unique to each other. Uniqueness is often regarded as an optimistic trait simply because it makes something interesting.

In many respects, the societies of the world would never be depleted of interesting things to present to each other. And among these kinds of interesting items, stories are seemingly the medium of communication that is certainly enjoyed by all civilizations. Moreover, hearing stories of your different culture make us learn something special in that particular culture.

This paper will feature the Chinese classic account Journey towards the West by Wu Cheng-en. The story is approximately an epic adventure of a monkey with superhuman strength capable of withstand the 100, 000-man army from the heavens. Yet , the goof uses his superhuman power for mischievous acts. As being a punishment, Buddha had put a pile on top of him. After so many years, the monkey fatefully meets a monk.

The storyplot teaches all of us how the China views the aspects of devotion, responsibility, spirituality, and many other factors about the Chinese lifestyle. Other nationalities could study many lessons from this China classic including discipline. Since the monkey was still behaving hugely even though he is freed, the monk got put a headband spell that might contract each time the goof would act in an undisciplined manner. (Cheng-en 342) Overall Journey to the West by simply Wu Cheng-en is a task packed legendary adventure that is also packed with valuable lessons. It could end up being said that he popularity of this type of story had introduced Cina to the western world.

In many respects, this kind of classic of literature is usually China’s gift idea to the universe that the nation is pleased and willing to share with other nationalities. Work Cited Cheng-en, Wu. Monkey: People Novel of China.

TN: Grove Press. 1958

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