Module one review parenting skills Essay

1 . What are the several parenting models used by households? Which do you consider is better? So why? The first type of child-rearing styles is the authoritarian design where the father and mother have all expert and say so in every matter. The second type may be the permissive design where the mother and father are extremely passive and give the kids a lot of power.

The 3rd is the democratic style of child-rearing where the father or mother considers the thoughts and feelings in the children but ultimately they make the decision. The democratic style is my personal favorite because it makes they child feel like their very own opinion issues but does not give them the energy to run around their mother or father. 2 . The actual a person ready for motherhood? When will need to an individual consider entering motherhood? Who should postpone parenthood?

Should everyone become a mother or father eventually? Do you think some people should not become parents altogether. I do believe a person is looking forward to parenthood if they are financially steady, emotionally steady and have an excellent support program behind them to help them raise children whether which means they are committed or they have family.

I do think an individual should consider entering parenthood when they got all of the points previously stated meaning that they are ready and when they are totally sure that that they ready and that they are not staying pressured into it. I think that young people, newlyweds, and people with any uncertainty at all should certainly postpone motherhood. I do certainly not think that everyone is meant to be a parent or guardian so not everyone ought to eventually become one, some people are best not having kids.

I think you will discover people in this world who should never have children altogether as they are not capable of offering a safe and loving home for them.

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