Human Existence Essay

1 ) The roots of the majority of human presence in America began with migrations coming from Eurasia over the Bering Strait. 2 . The first truly complex culture in the Americas was that of the Olmec. several.

Cahokia was obviously a large trading center located near what present-day town? St . Paillette. 4. The agricultural practices of pre-Columbian tribes inside the Northeast were characterized by a rapid exploitation from the land. five. The preeminent European ocean going power inside the fifteenth hundred years was Portugal.

6. Christopher Columbus thought the earth was smaller than it absolutely was in reality. six. Amerigo Vespucci helped popularize the idea that the Unites states were new continents. on the lookout for. Encomienda was the right to exact tribute and labor by natives. 10. The initial permanent The spanish language settlement about what is now the us was St . Augustine.

10. In what way performed sixteenth-century Europeans benefit from control between the Unites states and Europe? A large number of new crops came out in The european countries. 12.

Which of the following was NOT presented by Europeans to the New World? Corn. 13. The portion of west Africa that provided the majority of slaves for the Spanish Disposition of the sixteenth century acquired well-developed financial systems and political systems. 18.

African and American American indian societies very matrilineal, which means that people tracked their genetics through their mothers. 12-15. In the 15th century, slavery in Africa generally allowed specific legal rights to the captive. 16.

The European countries that controlled the African slave trade did so in which chronological order, from earliest to latest? the Portuguese, the Dutch, the English seventeen. What condition in England inside the sixteenth 100 years provided a motivation for colonization? The availability of farmland was declining, while the population was growing.

18. In what way had been Martin Luther and David Calvin important to English Puritans? Luther and Calvin strongly suggested ideas of spiritual reform that influenced Puritan thought. 19. The teachings of John Calvin produced a solid desire among his fans to lead lives that were positive.

20. The English Reformation resulted from a political challenge between California king Henry VIII and the Catholic Church. 21 years old.

The English language concluded from their colonial activities in Ireland in europe that English colonists should certainly maintain a rigid separating from the native population.

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