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After watching the film “Dangerous Minds, ” I was in awe it had presented me a great ‘extra’ motivation to flourish hard in finishing the course and finally to become a well-respected educator in the near future. Lou Anne Johnson, who plays the key character in the story, turned into a ray of light to her pupils when the girl became a full-time educator to a number of hard-to-handle teenagers. Through her compassionate and caring attitude, Ms. Johnson was able to create an welcoming atmosphere which is conducive to her student’s learning. She offered hope in an almost impossible situation.

The lady used nontraditional methods to be able to captivate all their attention make them into the right studying attitude. Lou Anne used a reward system in order to challenge her pupils; she utilized chocolate bars and totally free theme park seat tickets to capture her high school student’s desire for learning which in turn even caused them to discover ways to use their library. She also presented their particular lessons in a manner her students can certainly relate to.

Ms. Johnson devised innovative lessons in order to preserve her class’s concentration on all their topics. Although the administration has not been in favor of this, she nonetheless insisted about continuing the new kind of strategy in instructing.

She proven that her students’ well being is more crucial to her than the circulating plans of the institution. The film demonstrated that everyone is able to teach, but not all can become a instructor. For a educator not only teaches, but also inspires, prospects and listens to the most intimate concern of her pupils. True enough, Lou Bea also handled some of her pupil’s complications, wherein she made a home visit to his scholar (Raul) to see his father and mother of how glowing their child was in school. To his parent’s big surprise, praises and upliftments received by Ms.

Johnson which changed his perspective in studying as well as made him one of the achiever in their course. Without a doubt, the movie is a must watch. Not only to Education students although also to prospects who want to see the beauty in teaching. Internet marketing a instructor is definitely a noble profession.

Thankyou to all teachers! Stand up and become proud!

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