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The film that I found last week is about the hazardous art of extraction important secrets via deep within the subconscious while sleeping, when the head is most susceptible. The main personality of the film called Cobb. He is a talented robber, the best of the finest in his operate. At the beginning of the film we come across Cobb’s dream in which this individual with his wife lived in their town that they can create alone in sudden for me and I was astonishing when I saw just how in our dream we can see individuals that not existing in the actuality. Then the point is that Cobb’s command received the task to change a lot of events inside the life of 1 of the richest company on the globe.

They had to achieve that this company chop down down and also other man who have managing other company will be the first and control others. If Cobb, and his command do this this individual promise Cobb to help him with law, because to be sure he was a thief and everything police search him and that’s how come he can’t returned residence to his children. For this work he must to find a fresh architecture, mainly because without him it will be difficult. Architect – a specialist determining illusory world for another dream.

The purpose of the architect the moment extracting – designed sleeping so sleep could not separate it via reality and create a sleeping most complicated maze of sleep, from where the patient could not easily escape. The complexity on this work was that this dream consisted of three levels, that is to say they must to get to the deepest within of the subconscious to change what they want. Right now their activity – not to steal an idea, but to put into practice it. In the event they be successful, it will be the ideal crime.

I realized they will done this kind of work in the easiest way. To my mind this film is very interesting and exciting, but it is necessary to understand. It is fantastical, but since for me it had been interesting to find out what we can do whenever we sleep.

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