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Culotti’s Pizza runs strictly on the carryout basis. Customers pick up their requests at a counter in which a clerk exchanges the french fries for money.

While at the counter, the customers can see different employees making the pizza and the significant ovens when the pizzas are baked. Recommendations: Identify the six rules of internal control and offer and sort of each rule that you might observe when collecting your french fries. (Note: It may not be conceivable to observe every principles. ) The six principles of internal control are business of responsibility, Physical, mechanised, and electronic digital controls, segregation of duties, independent interior verification, paperwork procedures, and other controls. 1 ) Establishment of responsibility: Business of responsibility depends on in the event one or more staff are getting money through the customer.

If this sounds the case it may cause a problem with the cash register coming up brief. The supervisor would then simply have difficulty deciding which person is responsible for the shortage. installment payments on your Physical, physical, and electronic controls: Physical controls refer to protecting of resources, and records that help protect the company’s resources. Mechanical and Electronic controls safeguard resources and help intensify the precision of and responsibility from the records in accounting.

Physical, Mechanical, and Electronic settings are imperative which include good examples such as Safes, and security deposit boxes, storage cupboards that are used intended for inventory and records, move key get in corporations, alarms, television set monitors, and time lighting for documenting of time. a few. Segregation of duties: Segregation of duties embodies the ideas that responsibility related activities needs to be delegated to different individuals which record keeping for a property should be held separate from your physical guardianship of that same asset. If a customer taking walks into Culotti’s Pizza they will see workers making the pizzas in the oven location.

The custody of the children of the asset (in the case the pizza) is being kept separate from your front table clerk. The leading counter attendant stays from the kitchen and it is responsible for buzzing up the sale in the signup system (documenting the sale) and trading payment intended for the product. These are two responsibilities that are within customer view that are held segregated.

5. Independent Interior Verification: The moment walking in pick up a pizza a customer may see one particular employee on the cash register taking the cash from your customers to cover the french fries. This worker is selected by the owner to maintain guardianship of the funds on hand. This internal control makes it easy for the proprietor to track down anybody responsible if perhaps there are virtually any discrepancies together with the cash all in all. A customer can also observe the worker when he or she is browsing the register tape.

This kind of employee can be verifying the transactions around the register tape with the funds that is in the drawer to make that each the amount of each purchase is made up by the money that is in the drawer. 5. Documentation techniques: In the event of this kind of story, there are no document procedures. 6th.

Other Controls: In consequence of employees managing the cash from your customers, every employee could possibly be bonded, which allows insurance to get the business as a result of theft with the employees. Rotating the employees for the cash register for set instances and making sure each closes their part at the end of his or her change. The procedure will allow the company to evaluate each drawer and make sure it really is correct. Finally, the company can do a criminal background check on their staff.

This information will give the company with all the information on potential employees and if he or she has have you ever been charged which has a crime that relates to robbery from an additional company. They head jason derulo then areas the cash inside the church safe along with a explication of the quantity counted. Your head usher volunteers to provide for three months. 3. Another morning the financial admin opens the safe and recounts the gathering. The secretary withholds $150-$200 in funds, depending on the cash expenditures predicted for the week, and deposits the rest of the choices in the lender.

To aid the pay in, church people who contribute by verify are asked to make all their checks payable to “Cash”. 4. Each month the monetary secretary reconciles the bank assertion and submits a copy in the reconciliation to the board of trustees. The reconciliations have got rarely contained any lender errors and also have never shown any problems per book.

Instructions: (a) Indicate the weakness in internal accounting control inside the handling of collections. 1 weakness in the internal accounting control pertaining to handling series includes the great use. In the instance of internal audit control devices, they can be extremely broad within their application that creates a less strong audit control system (Vitez, O). A weakness inside the handling of collections identified could also be a single since the funds is dealt with by multiple ushers and will become time consuming. This weak spot also turns into difficult pertaining to management circumstances for the church members that try to maintain the appropriate business methods.

The second weakness is the deficiency of knowledge that the individuals that handle and record the money include. If the brings that depend and record the money have no idea how to correctly record the fund this may lead to shortages. (b) List the advancements in inner control methods that you intend to make with the next getting together with of the taxation team pertaining to (1) the ushers, (2) the head jason derulo, (3) the financial admin, and (4) the fund committee. The ushers will probably be on a rotation for a set amount of time so; every usher will at some point hold the responsibility of collecting the providing. A group of hired ushers will take up the collection.

The ushers will then take the collection to the back area of the chapel where the funds are measured. Once the cash has been gathered the ushers will then side off the variety of funds to the head usher. The head usher will recount the funds received through the collection, and place the cash into the church safe together with a total depend of the money that were collected.

Improvements for the Economical Secretary: After re-counting the cash she should record how much was collected on an accounting record and record just how much she kept on hand for the week and just how much the lady deposited in the bank about this same record. Checks ought to be made payable to the brand of the church for example “Saint Josephs and also the First Baptist Church. ” Improvements for the Financial Committee: The finance committee should have audits conducted at least one time a year randomly. The financial committee should certainly run a criminal court records search on almost all members who also handle money. The finance committee should oversee the board of trustees and take final look at almost all financial documents.

The financial committee will get fidelity insurance. (c) What church guidelines should be changed to improve internal control? Audits should be done frequently to ensure the precision and that economical records will be being completed ethically. I would suggest doing it on a quarterly basis. Additionally , the church should immediately attain fidelity insurance. I see no problem with the month-to-month rotation of ushers whom collect the donated funds; however they ought to stay in the basement office and act as a witness to the checking of contributed funds.

Your head usher will need to fill out a form stating just how much has been received in cash and how very much in check via shawls by hoda. The funds should after that be put in a sealed bag with all the initials of these present crafted on the seal. Funds could be put into the chapel safe.

The financial admin needs to determine how much money is needed for the regular expenditures and submit this amount together with the sealed carrier of donations to the lender. She will need to then view the bank check the amount of funds and verify donations inside the sealed carrier. The entire volume should be deposited and the economical secretary will need to then drawback the amount essential for the week either by withdrawal go or verify. Everything must be thoroughly noted in the bank’s financial data.

Additionally , via shawls by hoda made in the bank form should never be written to cash but instead to the church itself to insure bank checks are going to the church and not for personal use. The financial secretary’s reconciled bank assertion should be analyzed thoroughly by simply another person before submittal towards the board of trustees.

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