China in Africa Essay

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In brief the NAI Policy Dialogue questions the World Bank recommendations for large scale agriculture to fix the output and collateral problems in African agriculture. The whole issue of home rights can be intimately linked to the question about agriculture and development.

The contribution simply by Benjaminsen and Sjaastad in aspects of house rights formalization in Africa draws on new processes in Mali and Tanzania. An over-all conclusion is that the formalization of property legal rights in rural areas is definitely a complex and problematic concern. There is a danger of the method being co-opted by representatives and a wealthy elite, if necessary conditions are not made. Finally, Kjell Havnevik pulls our awareness of the relationship among inequality and climate alter. This contribution is based on a presentation he made in Berlin in 06 2007.

Solving the innovating ChinaAfrica contact is the theme of an article authored by NAI Research Director Fantu Cheru. He suggests that guidelines and programmes to deal with this current imbalances between China and Africa need us to revisit and redefine the NEPAD goal. A regional approach is going to, in his opinion, help Photography equipment countries to negotiate coming from a stronger and better platform.

During 2008 researchers at NAI will always devote attention to this matter. In our interview section we all present one particular interview with Martha Qorro, professor in English vocabulary, on the question about the language of instruction in Tanzania. She is in the opinion the best way to train English can be not to utilize it as the language of instruction.

She also responds to the issue why problem of terminology of teaching has become this kind of a hypersensitive political issue in Tanzania. Within our second interview Jerome Verdier, chairman from the Liberia Real truth and Reconciliation Commission, take into account the fact that the TRC’s area of the conflict resolution is definitely nothing new. Liberia contains a history of fixing community clashes at the rounded table. However in the past there were no long term conflicts, like the recent 5 year period of massive human being rights infringement. In the research section we present a result of a conference which will took place by NAI, Stockholms, in Sept.

2010 2007 about the ongoing talks between EUROPEAN and the ACP countries upon Economic Partnership Agreements. The discussion at the seminar highlighted the lack of connection between poverty reduction goal and the reality in the negotiations, in spite of numerous political declarations about both the EUROPEAN and ACP sides. Important decisions on EPAs will eventually be made by simply EU and ACP ministers.

The Africa Europe Selection of Interdisciplinary Research, AEGIS, that NAI is definitely an active member, is offered through 3 contributions. Image by Susanne Linderos News from the Nordic Africa Start 3/2007 First, we bring you an interview together with the AEGIS Chair, Professor Tanker Chabal of King’s University, London.

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