What Are the Humanities and Why Do We Study It ...

My spouse and i went about asking multiple people the actual thought Humanities was. Many of them kind of hesitated before they might come to a conclusion. Specialists my friend, Spende, what he thought humanities was.

His response was, “The study of humans and where they come from? ” He asked it in a question like he wasn’t quite sure. Another person Specialists was my pal, Amberly. The lady thought it was the study of humans health. She was also very reluctant when the lady responded to my question.

My good friend, David, response was, “The study of cultures and just how they express themselves. ” Having been very quick to reply when I asked him. That didn’t even take him a second to think about it. We finally researched the word “Humanities” in the dictionary to find out the proper definition and this is what it read: “a. the study of classical languages and classical literature. b. the Latin and Greek classics as a field of examine. c. literary works, philosophy, fine art, etc ., as distinguished from your natural savoir. d. the study of literature, idea, art, and so forth ” Studying Humanities is important since individuals should know the differnt cultures surrounding them and be available to how people express themselves.

There is a lot of judgemental people in the world. My spouse and i don’t consider anyone must be given dirty looks for having piercings/ tattoo designs, dressing differently, being over/ under weight, etc . Everybody is unique and beautiful within their own approach. Individuals should never have to modify themselves because someone has made fun of which or checked out them in another way.

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