“Emotion is stronger than reason.”To what extent is this true ...

People will make plenty of decisions in their life, some of the decisions are psychological, and some are intellectual. Via my point of view, I think sentiment and purpose are all significant, and it’s depends on a unique situation and specific person to decide in the event it’s stronger or not. So my own stance is definitely neutral. When a person is incredibly intellectual, the majority of his decision will be fair, but if he can a very mental person, most of his decision would be mental.

For instance, smoking, which is a extremely emotional decision, because everyone should know cigarette is bad for our health, but some people nonetheless can not quit smoking. The reason on this is whenever they smoke, cigarette will bring these people pleasant discomfort, and those people who smoke and will want even more cigarette, inside their mind, feelings is better than purpose. However , however, there have some people whom quit smoking efficiently or don’t start cigarette smoking in the first place.

Using their perspective, explanation is more powerful than emotion. Another model, Apple, a really large company in the world, the founder of computer is Dorrie Jobs, who will be also a psychological person, since his goal is to make smarter electronic devices pertaining to customs and still have more crafting ideas to make people’s life better. that might cause company go out if cash, because better quality design can cause more money to produce it. However Apple’s investors don’t feel that way, they want to make more money, raise the profit, decrease the input and keep this provider running, did not think of in the event the product is imaginative, they think even more about the continuing future of Apple, so that’s affordable and mental.

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