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Christianity and Psychology in Counseling

One of the latest developments in the field of counseling has been the application of psychology, Christian values as well as approaches. Before that, luxurious psychologists mainly operated on the model of bio-psycho-social human tendencies and creation. It offers that human beings function and develop in respect to emotional, biological, and social influences. As such, people are typically perceived being products with their environment and biology, all of which bear importance of equal degree. Later on, individuals begun to understand and recognize the fact which the spirituality of human beings is in direct relationship to the personal lives, and applying the Christian beliefs seems to claim that their watch of the world is strongly depending on the Scripture.

In the recent many years, counselors from different parts of the world have got really affirmed that our life is a product of the spirituality, nevertheless studies are being done to confirm the fact that application of the Christian beliefs is very important for life. McLeod (2013) shows that the initiative to integrate psychology as well as the Christian faith in therapies has understood a myriad of rewards in the modern-day world. Even though the classical mental models and theories will be founded on naturalism are not enough from the worldview of a Christian, not all secular psychology can be wrong (Hawkins Clinton, 2015). Indeed, aspects worth considering of mindset are considered confident and helpful, and an in depth look at these people would help to explain for what reason there is a dependence on integration (Bondi, 2013).

The powerful application of Christianity and psychology has highlighted as a excited phenomenon for counselors today. Consequently, the employment and perception of the gospel and the bible verses are perceived as the most widespread differences between the Christianity and secular mindset worlds (Hawkins Clinton, 2015). When it comes to developing the Christian faith and psychology into counseling, the underlying basic principle (that provides guidance) is the Scripture. This makes counselling practitioners start to see the clients as people that are suffering from a spiritual state that hails from the lack of having Jesus Christ within their lives (Hawkins Clinton, 2015). What is more, the understanding of mental disorder and illness must also be based on a worldview that is Gospel-oriented. In the end, the therapeutic practice will make make use of the Holy book to claim healing intended for clients even though also glorifying Jesus Christ.

Some elements of the Christian faith may be used to make distinctive achievements in neuro-scientific human services counseling. Basically, practitioners will make use of the Scripture to identify with the requirements and inadequacies of their customers, there following proposing some spiritual alternatives. A typical case is found in the Scripture, exactly where Jesus used his spiritual power to recover a mentally ill person (who was believed to be possessed by demons).

Hawkins and Clinton (2015) present that including the Christina faith and psychology in counseling is founded on the company belief that God can be not surprised by the sinful character. This is because He could be conversant while using evil that dwells in our hearts more effective than our company is aware of, while revealed by fact that Christ saw in the hearts of individuals and was deeply aware about their unique demands. As such, when counselors make use of such as an approach to diagnosing the psychological needs of their patients, then they stand to make significant scores so far as helping all of them is concerned.


Finally, the spirituality of humans is in direct relationship to the personal lives, and applying the Christian faith generally seems to suggest that their particular view of the world is firmly based on Bible verses. Jesus applied this approach to know the unique needs of his congregation. In addition, he tapped into their internal aspect in providing the concept of the Gospel to all of them. This necessitates Christian psychologists to seek as much opportunities as possible to bring change to communities, corporations, research work, schools, and others.

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