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Do you believe it is challenging to interact and encourage your different workforce, clients, and channel partners? Gratifi brings to you a consolidated digital program that helps your employees to recognize, reward, and motivate the other person, while interesting your funnel partners and customers too. And, how do we do it?

Dashboard-based Platform

Gratifi helps you prize loyalty with loyalty. It is a simple, dashboard-based, user-friendly system that makes share, distribution, and redemption of reward factors easy for everybody. Users get a glimpse of their universe of reward factors through a single login. Decision makers get org-wide awareness into the reward point distribution, instilling accountability into every single reward point owner. In other words, a section head can mine your data and filter information by department, staff, and specific to receive insights in points allocated, frequency of distribution, and pattern of redemption. Many other reports supply a holistic perspective of crew and specific performance.

Rigorous Customization Functionality

We all bend the pieces right up until they fit, just like they were intended to be. Sit back while we take proper care of technical updates and posting and pooling of incentive points. What’s more, we take the hassle out of setting financial constraints and defining the face worth of each level and offer the recipients new ways to celebrate collectively. Gratifi can be pliable enough to align along with your existing devices and policies, keeping any kind of teething issues at bay.

Deep Engagement Information

Gratifi engages recipients through important and social recognition. A job well done gets the visibility this deserves through org-to-employee, employee-to-employee, org-to-customer, and org-to-channel spouse recognition. Repeating superlative activities help personnel shine within the leaderboard. In addition, interaction through the organization can be enhanced when employees can easily share the newest happenings and events around the communication panel. Gratifi also helps in identifying key metrics for customers such as buyer loyalty, consumer value, and customer transformation, among others. An organization can also identify which channel partners will be outperforming others.

When ever recipients interact, you can get closer to them by simply listening to also they expect from you. Studies on each day moods, reward points circulation and redemption, unused incentive points, among others, will provide organizations valuable insights into recipient behavior, hence contributing to the entire happiness in the workplace, and finally driving production. These reports will also aid in setting thresholds for each leading indicator that determines what sort of channel partner is carrying out in a particular category. Regardless of what sort of customer metrics you select, accumulating data about your clients and your assistance quality can help you improve your customer care in the future.

Modern Strides, With each other

Possibilities increase as you help other folks win. Go beyond discount plans and rates of commission, and pleasure your customers and channel and sales associates with standard surprises that motivate them to return the favor. Not just that, help your rewardees set easy-to-implement and meaningful KPIs to evaluate their own success. With Gratifi, you can add value to your conversation processes by simply reaching the complex nodes of the channels and clientele.

Social interactions are the building blocks of your business. Every romantic relationship stands around the pillars of team function, mutual gain, trust, and accountability. Gratifi strengthens these kinds of pillars so that you will and your companions can with each other reap the fruits of long-term organizations.

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