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Reward System

Total annual Schedule Of Activities Intended for Stay Focused

Brief Overview- Stay Focused is actually a program that runs throughout the entire year and involves both a summer after school system. Our objective is to decrease the likelihood of low income and assault through tactical problem solving and education. We expect that through education and understanding these types of problems are always resolved and behaviors could be changed for the best. Each youngsters in our software is prescreened to ensure that requirements is met, mainly because we understand that no kid will make improvements unless they may be willing to do so. We do not basically allow just about every applicant in the program because of this.

Each of our school season program is entirely focused on education. Nevertheless , this education expands much outside precisely what is taught in the classroom. Many of the children within this system are is fantastic need of mentoring. Various need guidance and help with problems that children this age group should not confront.

Academically, these youth adults are in dire need of extra help in the subjects of reading and writing. Nevertheless , each kid is unique and requires individualistic observations to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Data will be devised for each junior to track improvement and challenges throughout the institution year. Applying statistics and also other analytical formulas, we is going to document a lot of aspects of the children’s patterns and words. Detailed graphs can easily screen the fluctuations of each youth’s grade stage averages.

Stay Focused firmly believes which the use of the reward product is of interest to these youths. Nevertheless , the children must gain it, and understand that rewards are occasional. Our software aims to enforce hard work and enhance self-sufficiency in all individuals. A unique characteristic that we plan to include may be the use of economic incentives to get excellent grades. These tactics have been utilized for schools and possess proven to be really influential in creating even more proactive students.

Each of our youth are at great risk of falling even more and further in back of if something is not completed immediately. The program is extremely unique and emphasizes education above all else. Essentially we envision to unit each children into a productive member of contemporary society that is able to think logically and resolve any obstacle that may alter their track to success.

Some of each of our expected effects and goals of this program include:

  • Holding children accountable for all their actions and words
  • Placing high specifications such as challenging that each child maintain for least a C normal in school
  • Which includes positive function models and behavior experts that can seriously benefit the children
  • Being involved with the community and raising awareness
  • Enhancing the quality of existence in both children’s and our own lives
  • And most notably using education as the primary force in creating richer futures

Period Description of Activity

3-3: forty five Distribute dishes and tidy up

3: 45-4 Exercising actions to refocus the children

4-4: 45 Individual attention for each child aiding in homework

4: 45-5 Brief Assessment and Representation time

5-5: 31 Educational Software Ice Home ” Grades 5-8

Educational Program Again On Track- Grades 1-4

5: 30-6 Alternating Subject matter of Importance

This schedule is designed for Monday-Thursday. Friday will be a incentive for the youngsters who behaved throughout the week. On Fridays we will do fun actions that include but are not restricted to: field trips, arts and crafts, dance parties, group speakers, participation in the community, and lots more. Seeing that our program desires to get rid of ideas of entitlement, the particular children deserving of these activities will be eligible for participation.

Ice Home is a software designed to motivate critical thinking while learning strategies of entrepreneurship. According to the text, by the season 2018, almost two-thirds of employment opportunities inside the U. H. will require post-secondary education. Every single youth within the program will be faced with this kind of obstacle, therefore the inclusion of the material will probably be mandatory for every single youth who meets the age requirement. This ten-week system will be employed twice a week and will be previous from August- February.

Back on course is a system designed entirely to obtain our youngsters to where they need to become according to the school’s standards. With this academically induced, but also should teach children basic existence skills and organization. Several of the youth in our program display undeniable signs that they will be falling lurking behind in school. We have a few children that are not able to read or perhaps write entirely within our system. This is of utter importance not only to the families of these types of youth, nevertheless also for the community. All of us understand that the rap does not always fall around the schools, your child, or the relatives. Several factors can adversely affect the learning ability of your young brain. Although, several circumstances in the lives of our youths will be inevitable, healthier coping approaches and confident outlooks can overcome these barriers. The desired outcome should be to first find each child meet normal requirements, experience inspired, and go on to exceed what is expected of these.

The Alternating Topics of Importance will incorporate several matters that are essential in creating informed and educated junior. We will certainly place a significant emphasis and hierarchy upon reading and writing centered projects. Every single will alternative monthly.

Proposed Schedule to get Alternating Subjects

August- Teachings of Morality and Attitude

September- Reading and Vocabulary

October- Grammar and Mechanics

November- Writing Workshops

Decembers- Profession Concepts

January- Science

February- Current Events

March- History

April- Mathematics

May- Coping and Stress Managment

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