Narrative techniques of observation

Development, Observation

This is a way of observation early years workers employ. Narrative techniques of observation will be written methods that will explain what a kid is doing or perhaps has done, for instance , Sam is playing with foundations. He is applying one block at a time to build a structure. Narrative observations can also be referred to as free information. They may record what a kid is doing more than a few seconds or much longer. Photos or film clips are occasionally used with a narrative declaration. There are many benefits of a narrative, for example:

  • It needs not any preparation
  • It can be used to observe all areas of innovations
  • It can be used to observe more than one are of advancement at once

However , there are also disadvantages such as:

  • It is usually hard to write down everything straight down quickly
  • The observer will probably have to keep halting, or to select what to give attention to
  • It can be hard to record accurately minus judgement

Checklist and Tick Chart:

This is make sure observe kids. The tips and tick chart are extremely similar and therefore are simple means of assessing childrens skills. A directory of statements, including, Is able to put on coat, Is able to use tea spoon to nourish, are prepared. The statement are normally based on milestones for kids development or outcomes in the early year’s curriculum. When the child is usually showing the skill, the observer puts a tick or publishes articles a note. The huge benefits of tips and tick charts will be:

  • They are really easy to complete and can be accomplished fairly quickly
  • They can be repeated to verify if a child made progress
  • It keeps the observer dedicated to specific abilities

The disadvantages will be:

  • The observers may come to different a conclusion about if the child has mastered a skill
  • Does not show how quickly a child managed a job or skill

The accuracy of information is very important. It is essential that findings and checks are stored up to date and therefore are accurate since decisions about how exactly best to support a child depends on them. When a child is usually assessed as progressing well but are actually not, is not going to gain the support they need, affecting all of them in their growth and development. As well as this kind of, if a child is evaluated as struggling, but they are certainly not, then it may also affect their very own growth and development and cause these people as well as people to become troubled. There are also problems when incorrect assessments are manufactured as there exists danger the children will be provided activities that are not suitable for all of them which could influence them in a negative way and could stop these people making progress.

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