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When I compare my own personality to the chart of supposed birth order features, I locate many similarities, but also a few significant differences. My spouse and i am a perfectionist, and I often experience extreme panic when things aren’t correctly in order. I am really organized and borderline OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER. It helps occasionally, but typically its only annoying. I am a driver who will carry out almost anything to accomplish a goal basically set my thoughts to this. I i am logical, and scholarly. We spend the majority of my time alone playing music or reading. On the other hand, I am the polar opposite of self-confidant. We would like approval coming from others, and frequently find me personally working way too hard or changing myself only so one individual will believe better of me.

I was an simply child, and i also was followed. My mom recently had an extremely typical childhood, but my dad’s was since far from mundane as a lifestyle can possibly receive. My more mature cousin took the place of an older sis, and I handed down the characteristics of any youngest almost immediately. I’ve no central characteristics and i also find it very difficult to believe that we took within the role of the oldest. Lots of things have occurred in my life to alter the consequence of the birth order trends.

My own spiritual products on hand test explained that I was gifted in the areas of Music, Knowledge, and Writing. I think that these are definitely the best areas in my spiritual lifestyle. I have usually had a thirst for understanding, and a passion for art of any kind.

If I had to describe me in 3 words I would probably select creative, friendly, and available. I see almost everything in a innovative light, and most people show me that they want they could see the community the way which i do. We take that as a compliment most of the time. Anyway, I have been “creative” and I think that it is a expression that details me well. I try to befriend everyone I satisfy, and it never works the way I planned it to. My spouse and i don’t know if perhaps everyone might call myself friendly, since I am also extremely shy. Available refers to my own emotions and my thoughts. I was very open-minded, open-hearted, and all around available. I like new comers, new spots, and new ideas.

I would re-write my quest statement being clearer to others, instead of just to my opinion. I would create something towards the effect of “Be what YOU want, not what THEY want. inch I have understood through these kinds of studies and tests that we have a tendency to try to change who and what I are for others, and i also need to make it clear that it is going to stop.

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