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Role of the teacher in the lifelong learning sector This case study investigates the position and responsibilities of a teacher in the long term learning sector. I are a keyboard and guitar tutor on a one to 1 basis, thus i have my own views and methods about teaching.

Nevertheless , I thought it would be interesting to examine how a teacher deals with a complete class, rather than just one scholar. Further for the research to get the study, an interview was conducted with Paul Bloggs, a teacher in School X. The interview reviewed a number of areas including: roles and responsibilities, boundaries, promoting equality and diversity, safe and supportive learning environments, promoting appropriate behavior, legal and moral duties, the issues and returns of the position and how Joe has had to adapt and respond to the continuing changes in the ongoing learning sector. The first question covered what Later on considered to be his main responsibility as a tutor; to engage and motivate teenagers in the subject of music and learning in general.

This individual uses a selection of methods to attempt. For example , practical sessions/role enjoy and getting everybody involved, as well as written tests, presentations and various aesthetic tasks to make certain all different types of scholars are accounted for. This is powerful when educating music record /theory, however , when a college student is gain knowledge of an instrument, each one of these areas are covered normally.

Joe allows his learners to make faults, for example , when a pupil is playing a piece of music and they strike a wrong note, he will wait around to see if they will identify that these people were out of tune 1st. This is yet another way of working on their aural skills. In the event they do not pick up on it this individual ensures the mistakes will be addressed and supplies help and advice to rectify the challenge. Conjointly, all of us addressed the main topic of promoting equality and diversity.

Joe feels firmly about this fantastic approach can be through film/music stimulation, with focus on a specific character or topic. Two popular instances of this will be Forest Gump, where the primary character provides a disability plus the film The Island’ which deals with contest issues. Using this method has effective, as May well has found through reflective discussions with the class after watching the film. One of the difficulties that May well has had to handle during his time in the teaching job is behaviour problems with the pupils.

This kind of covered a whole spectrum of issues such as disruptions, poor attitude, pupils refusing to complete tasks and even spoken abuse and physical threats. The methods in which Joe handles this provides me on the discipline of boundaries between the tutor and student. Along with legal boundaries, and pursuing rules and regulations based on the Code of Conduct and Data Security Act physical limitations are extremely essential. When teaching/dealing with a scholar, he says length must be kept, however , he feels that in most cases, encounter will allow friendly and approachable human relationships.

If a subject was to occur that was out of his hands, it would be his duty to report it to the school safeguarding officer/counsellor. Another way by which he handles this is to set a good example towards the pupils, because ensuring ideal behaviour can be described as major take into account maintaining a safe and encouraging learning environment. Joe switches into a friendly and positive attitude towards his pupils, ensuring that he hardly ever raises his voice, but be organization and severe where important.

The aim of this can be so that the pupils’ perception with their teacher is usually approachable, yet at the same time that they see all their teacher as a figure of authority. Although this has demonstrated quite requiring, the biggest concern Joe has already established to face is a ever-changing development in technology. He attempted to continue his teaching devoid of it but this started to be increasingly tough due to changes in assessment criteria and the demand of technology in general, especially in music.

Music has created throughout the years, for example , we don’t have to compose music for ourselves these days. We could use music programs to accomplish this for us, such as Garageband or perhaps Sibelius. Paul decided in order to to tackle this is to embrace it. This has helped a great deal with teaching through doing this this individual has furthered his personal education.

The school that Joe teaches in has recently become an academy, so it is today more carrying out arts-orientated while before, the school focused even more on the educational side of things. It has forced him to take on a bigger work load and thus proved his capability to modify and respond to changes quickly. Joe’s response to a lot of the queries portrays just how education in music and usually has evolved with respect to time and the steps he has received to take in in an attempt to meet the requirements of his role and adapt to the continuing changes.

When ever faced with the question regarding ethical responsibilities, he previously some interesting techniques about how he involved this topic with his pupils. Practice can be an essential for learning musical instrument, Joe motivates and stimulates his learners that regular practice is vital to progression. He evaluates progress with tests masking all different types of learning such as aural, sight studying, written, and through sensible tests.

The two Joe and i also have identified that through music, it is easy to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of our learners and how that they best master. For example , one individual may be able to listen to a piece of music and perform by ear, whereas another pupil are not able to do that, but will excel in examining the music. Later on understands it is vital to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and sees that each pupil can be facilitated for in order to make them achieve all their full potential.

Joe mentioned various internal and external points of recommendation, for example , the awarding bodies, and the Academy’s safeguarding officers/counsellors. It is noticeable that he has a solid passion to get music when he gave up his career like a pilot in order to pursue his music job. In defiance of the problems Joe continues to be faced with, his subtle, however dynamic and enthusiastic procedure helped him to overcome them. I came across during my time with Paul, that although there are many general rules, tasks and boundaries that all teachers/tutors have to abide by, there are also the ones that are particular and susceptible to the area of study.

It truly is imperative that these are recognized in order to acquire a finer comprehension of the position of the teacher.

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