Education is not for sale! Essay

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Let’s pretend you own a school. Let’s pretend that the school you have is still practical, but pretty old: shaky chairs, uneven tables, products prone to digesting. Prices are rising, what exactly will you carry out? Instead of taking proper care of the facilities with the students’ tuition (you actually still have signed up students, consider it or perhaps not), let’s pretend you may spend more time and money looking for new learners who are prepared to study in your dilapidated school. We’re not failing anymore: due to the financial crisis, A bunch of states State University East Gulf is spending more of the students’ money pertaining to recruitment of recent students than the upgrading of your facilities.

They have also made a decision to increase the tuition again. Something is wrong when we pay money for something all of us won’t be able to use. And it is unfair to pay more intended for something we could not allowed to be paying for.

Not a couple of Californians suffer from rising utility costs, such as housing and transportation. Raising the cost of education is another burden being forced unto them. For the last seven years, tuition has grown six times. What is happening for the taxes each of our parents pay to the Point out?

Isn’t the whole stage of taxation, that it give the needs of its people, especially education? Registrants of caliber would be the school’s ideal advertisement. And recruiting more students will not likely result in higher quality students. Within our current condition, the average CSUEB student usually takes six years to graduate, instead of the common four.

The main reason for this is the increase in category sizes and reduction in classes students need to take. Countless studies have proven that more pupils in a classroom do not lead to better grades or perhaps understanding. Therefore , the school should not enhance its educational costs.

First, since the State ought to be responsible for the school’s preservation. Second, enrolling more learners will only make deteriorating top quality of college students. Education is not a business, so it should not be thought of when it comes to returns of investment or perhaps profit. Education is a democratic right, and so it should certainly not be profited from, but asserted and guarded.

Education is definitely not for sale!

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