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WHY STUDENTS’ TEACHERS’ IN TANZANIA EXAMINE HISTORY OF EDUCATION DAVID At the. MSHANA DECEMBER. 2012 Education according to Nyerere (1967), refers to the transmission from one generation to the next the accrued wisdom and knowledge of the society also to prepare young adults for their upcoming membership in the society and the active participation in its creation.

In other way it can be defined as a process training, training and learning particularly in schools or perhaps colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. (Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary, 6th Edition). Education may be the process of acquiring and expanding desirable know-how, specific abilities, positive thinking and beliefs. (Thungu, T. et approach, 2010) Record is the examine of the documents of all earlier human experience, as defined by a quantity of historians. It is concerned with politics, social, economical, scientific, technological and social which have formed and given birth to mankind.

Great education can be explained as the study of days gone by development of educational systems, hypotheses and institutions within the general historical framework of political, social, financial, scientific, technological and ethnical change. (Thungu, J. ain al, 2010) REASONS WHY STUDENTS’ TEACHRERS’ STUDY HISTORY OF EDUCATION First of all, studying history of education helps teachers to be in improving quality of education and reinforce professional proficiency. Studying good education works on teachers to explore and critically examine alternatives education hypotheses, practices and culture to be able to objectively determine what is suitable. (Thungu, M. et approach, 2010) Similarly, past knowledge help educators to be to influence current decisions today.

History of education helps teachers to be to enhance decision making and judgment. Through it equally good and bad types of decision are given. History of education offers the prospect from past example of different ones through which formulation of procedures to suit the present education systems are made.

Additionally, helps to bring comparison of diverse educational ideas and to demonstrate development of several educational ideas and procedures in educational context. Through comparison one is able to show the development of a particular theory and practice in historical circumstance and illustrates a particular condition out, which in turn such a theory came about, the specific function that a practice was designed to serve. (Thungu, J, et al, 2010) History of education provides the opportunity to see how world has changed above centuries. It provides a better comprehension of people and culture.

Tanzania in particular, education system continues to be changing from time to time as for example objectives of indigenous education are different from the post colonial time era. Through it, tutor to be could be able to show the difference targets of education basing in different technology. (http//: www. wikipedia. good education/) Really helps to cultivate the art of self appearance, communication, query, objective considering and ability to judge quietly of the teachers to be. This enables in the developing the attitude of mind that distinguish the educated person, the behavior of skepticism and criticism of pondering with perspective and objective of judging what is good or bad, as well as evaluating the pros and cons. (Thungu, J. ou al.

2010) Studying great education enables student- professors in deciding on suitable strategies and approaches when in classroom environment or context. Student-teachers to be in good position to stop static ways of teaching and learning, simultaneously theory improve the tradition methods to match with current situation. (http//: www. wikipedia. history of education/) Also, that exposes the student-teachers to other self-control such as background, Christian faith education, oral literature, sociology and mindset. This helps in enriching the analysis of important educational ideas. (Thungu, J. ainsi que al, 2010) It permits student-teachers in integrating equally theoretical and practical education.

Understanding the context of famous events engender the spirit of realistic look. Through several education ideas creates or build good basis in implementation of curriculum. (Thungu, J. ain al 2010) Then, it helps in creating the sound expertise and abilities set in which in turn teachers can build because they are exposed to distinct life encounters. For instance, having studied a history of education in a specific society, a student-teacher will probably be in a very good position to deal with the students of that society effectively and efficiently. (http//: www. wikipedia. great education/) Learning history of education helps student-teachers to translate information and judgment, knowledge and knowledge into relevant knowledge that students can understand, retain and pass to others.

Generally, Learning history of education for the teachers being is of great importance with their prospects of teaching. History of education is portion and courier of the instructing profession, if the teacher desires to be effective and efficient. REFERENCES http//: www. wikipedia. good education/ thirteenth, Jan, 2011; 11: ’08 am Ishumi, A. G. M., (1978), Education and Development, Conceder es Salaam: National Stamping Company Limited.

Lema, Electronic. et ‘s (2004), Nyerere on Education, Dar sera Salaam: Oxford University Press Mushi, A. K. (2009), History and Progress Education in Tanzania, Entregar es Salaam: Dar fue Salaam School Press Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, sixth edition, (2000). Thungu, M. et ‘s (2010), Mastering PTE Education, Nairobi: Oxford University Press.

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