Christian and Islamic Art Essay

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  • Published: 08.31.19
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Christian and Islamic Fine art The difference between Islamic skill and Christian art is that Christian fine art is of human objects and forms although Islamic skill portrays this is and representation of issues. Unlike Christian art, people do not appear on Islamic fine art. Unlike Christian art, Islam art is not sold with pictures and statues of Prophets and Gods.

Christian art however , brings spiritual forms and images to life. That represents spiritual beliefs through illustrated views from the life of Jesus. It gives us images of biblical shows and even continues stories and images of those right now deceased.

The Catacombs (Christian burials) presents the final regenerating place intended for Christians. It represents best love, sacrifice and succeed. When I first created the Catacombs of Ancient rome, I remember going for walks down into the catacomb and feeling tad nervous as I was between darkness. It had been dark, damp, smelly yet, so fabulous! There were spiritual carvings on the inside that nearly looked like chalk drawings.

The clearest memory space I have can be visiting the section where the martyrs were smothered and placing myself within their position. Would I have been and so brave? In Islam, calligraphy is a key Islamic art. Writing, books, geometry and patterns are most important.

In Islam art, geography demonstrates the language on the planet and most notably, it reflects their spiritualism. A group for example does not have end to represent infinity. That represents never ending love. Intended for Islam, the circle is known as a reminder that Allah is definitely infinite.

My personal Muslim brother-in-law, born in Lebanon, doesn’t take photographs and told that in the culture, taking photos of living forms is definitely forbidden. They will take photographs of objects, but not of pets or humans. Of course , in my culture we preserve pictures for memory keepsakes.

After 7 years of marital life, he decided to take a relatives picture with my sibling and their 3 sons. It was a huge sacrifice in his portion but this also points out how artwork, religion and culture have an influence on each other.

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