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Based on the results from the focus group discussion and the interview, Web 2. 0 applications being useful for educational purposes are seen to experience a very very good potential in being integrated into educational operations for teaching and learning. Reflective with the first goal, it has been noticed that there is an optimistic outlook regarding Web 2. zero applications from students and just how the speak. In addition , it really is seen that educational procedures would every once in awhile inculcate particular.

Web 2. 0 applications and replacing typical educational tools with modern and more scientifically adept Web 2. 0 applications in order for teachers to be far better in conntacting students. According to sixth goal of this study, educators are keen to note that Web 2. zero applications potentially have for being used as a instrument for educational purposes. Educators on one hand furthered this conclusion because of their visibility to the concept of including Web 2 . 0. 0 applications in their program, utilizing its capabilities in effectively moving knowledge with their students and more importantly communicating with them.

In answering targets two and three, teachers themselves indicated that they are able to already make use of Web 2. 0 applications pertaining to providing management information with their students and in addition they have indicated that Web 2. 0 applications being used because educational tools already is available and is getting utilized by other educators. They are able to go with the flow of innovation since students are becoming more and more skilled with the use of this kind of internet tools that they are able to identify with this and employ this to the teacher’s advantage. The educators include identified that Web 2. zero applications just like Blogs, Wikis, and other social networking tools have the prospect to be utilized as instructing tools.

To be able to use these kinds of a tool may not only help to make their instructing efforts easier but moreover more effective in bringing data to their learners. Coming from the purpose of the study especially to identify how Web 2. zero technologies may be applied to Higher education, it is noticeable that because of the inputs originating from both the pupil body and educators also because of extant literature there exists an apparent improvement in the use of Information Technology in advanced schooling. With the current use of Web 2. 0 systems such as those of Flickr, Wikis and Myspace by both students and educators in communicating and teaching learning, Web 2. zero technologies later on will undoubtedly be incorporated into higher education.

The main reason for this is the cultural changes that are seen within educators and pupils as how they perceive Web 2 . 0. 0 solutions and their effect on higher education. This can be already noticeable as learners currently make use of such Web 2 . 0. 0 applications in communicating with their peers for educational purposes. Step 2 would be to utilize such equipment more effectively and efficiently by the educators themselves in conntacting their pupils.

On the other hand, as a result of such an increase in utilization, it will be constructive for this area of educational research if perhaps there are extra in-depth studies pertaining to Web 2 . 0. 0 technology and how that they affect advanced schooling. In order to further explain and expound about this body of knowledge, it is recommended that a number of focus teams be added into the research. This would yield a more accurate and different collation of answers.

This may then be used in acquiring more information and validating the outcomes of this research. In addition to the method, there should be a great inclusion of several interviews to be done on other locations particularly different educational classes and educational institutions so as to determine the relationship of geography with Web learning. In addition to this, it could be useful to identify if there is a relationship between racial background web learning, is there a feature that controls the personal preferences of various events utilize web 2. 0 applications and if there is a relationship with race.

Finally, In addition as to what was mentioned above, it would show crucial if there is further analyze with regards to different countries and exactly how they are able to make use of Web 2. zero applications inside their pursuit to get better education. This would be able to provide the study with a better comparison particular to the associated with countries regarding Web 2. zero applications and Web learning.

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