Reflection of the Role and Responsibilities of the Teacher Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities of a teacher are vital and must be learned, as a general rule, to assure quality training. To attempt this trip it is essential to attain enough information about the subject and gather the right material pertaining to teaching.

Not necessarily only adequate to hold high quality knowledge about them, but also have a presentable overall look. The teacher is responsible for student behaviour and classroom administration, as well as to be familiar with capability of the learners. Therefore it is essential for teachers to assess the students level of understanding. As all students study in different methods, there is the Darling and Mumford theory learning styles’ (Honey, P. & Mumford, A. 1992), to support teachers. By carrying out group work it will provide a good chance to get college students working together since it facilitates the requirement for productive speak, (Edwards & Mercer, 1987).

Here the sociological’ learning style can be applied. By implementing this on the college students it permits them to learn from each other and promote ideas with one another. The students could also participate in educational talk (Mercer & Hodgkinson 2008) which allows them to instruct each other and take title of their own suggestions.

This is very pushing as it allows the students to indulge deeply on the knowledge they maintain, when trying to explain to other individuals. Also with the assistance of the internet and modern technology there are many ways to get the scholars interactively affiliated with lessons. To enable them to work on their particular, will be a better way of learning as they will probably be learning on their own terms.

Below one other learning style has become applied, which can be the tactile’ style, this is how the student learns best when they are given the ability by doing something by themselves. Alternatively there is the oral learning style whereby a learner benefits from simply being attentive, so if the lectures are very well planned and class conversations are performed it will gain this type of novice. If the over was used on the students they can stay interested and associated with the teacher, which is essential for effective learning. Also possessing a great amount of imagination when teaching and trying innovative ways of describing areas of the niche will bring great outcomes to the students’ level of learning.

While Wilson (2008), states about similar conditions that the oles will be functions of the teacher, which are, planning and preparing for the students, developing interesting way to offer the lesson, assessing the impact of learning and making sure safe learning’. Therefore guaranteeing suitable accommodation facilities, that exist, in order to provide the required learning setting. If the roles and responsibilities of a tutor are in good practice the teacher will be in a position in which she/he may be approached with comfort and ease by the student, not just in discuss about the subject yet anything they wish to discuss. Again this brings great gain allowing the teacher to know the student and to give the correct methods.

Moreover the safeguarding of children is taken very significantly and usually new teachers come with key papers, which are required to be browse and understood and complied with, for example if a tutor knows a young child is being mistreated the tutor will have to discover how to deal with the situation using the advice given and who to report that to. Additional important component to being a educator is finding out how well they is teaching, this can be attained by assessing the students, and via these assessments changes pertaining to improvement may take place. The moment assessing through assignments or perhaps exams, it can be highly important teachers provide confident feedback mainly because it will always inspire the student for more information.

On ending this, teaching should be sent to the student in a way that can be informative, imaginative, interactive and responsive in a relaxed environment, to enable substantial learning performance from the students. The instructors holds many roles and responsibilities, yet , most importantly you will find in search of constant ways of getting better means of students to find out, by using distinct unique ways to allow the spanish student to achieve their finest outcome, which will then get them to accessible for contributing favorably in contemporary society, or going onto advanced schooling, and offering a better way of living for one do it yourself.

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