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Pupils who arrive late for his or her first class period (7: 25 am-8: 14 am) WILL NOT GO TO THE PRESENCE OFFICE. Proceed directly to class and present a note to your first period teacher authorized by your parent/guardian; otherwise, late arrivals will probably be considered UNEXCUSED.? Students who have arrive past due after the 1st period provides concluded can be DIRECTLY TO THE ATTENDANCE WORKPLACE.

Present a note from your mother or father or mom or dad to the Attendance Office. Students who appear late with no note from home will be noticeable as UNEXCUSED LATE. I CAN GO TO THE DOCTOR/DENTIST/ORTHODONTIST: WHAT TO DO?

For those who have an early termination due to a medical scheduled appointment, you must present a agreed upon note through your parent/guardian to the Attendance Business office to receive an EARLY DISMISSAL MOVE. Sign away at the Presence Office ahead of leaving the college building for your scheduled visit. Students have to sign out at the Presence Office for a lot of appointments even if their departure time is definitely during their lunch time period. As you return to school from a meeting, you must sign-in at the Presence Office. You’re going to be issued a great EXCUSED PASS to return to your scheduled school period.?

Almost all medical visits require a take note from the doctor’s office when the student earnings to school. I’M SICK/INJURED AND CAN’T COME TO SCHOOL: WHAT TO DO? When you’re absent at school due to disease or damage, you or your mother or father are not instructed to call the college. Instead, you need to bring an email signed by your parent/guardian towards the Attendance Business office within three (3) days after getting back to school.?

If you are absent for five or more (5) days due to disease or damage, you must submit a doctor’s note when you return to institution.? If you become ill in school, you must report to the Health Room. Question a tutor or counselor for a notice giving you approval to leave class and visit the Well being Room. Students dismissed at school by the Well being Room must sign away at the Attendance Office. The Room can issue a beginning dismissal go to be presented to the Presence Office.

Inside three (3) days of time for school, you must bring an email signed by your parent or guardian to the Attendance Business office. Whitman Tip Sheet #5 MY FAMILY DESIRES TO TAKE A VACATION WHEN EVER SCHOOL IS IN SESSION: HOW TO HANDLE IT? Absences because of family vacations are considered as UNEXCUSED unless school administration makes the determination to approve the absence. Your mother and father must ask for permission in writing at least one week (5 school days) prior to the predicted absence. You must bring this written obtain from your parent/guardian to the Attendance Office.

The Attendance Business office will issue an approval kind (attached to parental note) for you to present to each tutor to preliminary. The teachers’ initials reveal their arrangement to allow you to make-up any tasks missed. The approval form and note after that go to the designated grade level administrator, whom makes the final decision to say yes to or deny your absence. I MUST MISS SCHOOL TO VISIT UNIVERSITIES.

WHAT TO DO? You need to present a note to the Attendance Office coming from a parent/guardian at least one week prior to the requested lack for college or university visits or perhaps participation in college alignment programs. The Attendance Office will issue an approval type for you to get hold of each teacher’s approval. Afterward you take this contact form and the parent note to your grade level administrator to get approval. An approval form and parental take note are went back to the Attendance Office.

You should limit your visits to colleges so that you do not miss too much college. I NEED TO MISS SCHOOL BECAUSE OF PARTICIPATION WITHIN A nonschool FUNCTION. WHAT TO DO?

A note signed because of your parent/guardian should be given to the Presence Office in least a day in advance. The Attendance Office will issue an approval form for you to get each teacher’s approval. After this you take this kind and the parental note on your grade level administrator to get approval. An approval form and parental notice are delivered to the Presence Office. WHAT SORTS OF ABSENCES ARE VIEWED AS EXCUSED?

Your Maryland respect the following while lawful defaut from school*:? Student illness? Death in immediate family members? Court subpoena? Religious observances? Violent/hazardous weather condition? Emergencies selected by the Superintendent of Colleges? State emergency? Work or other activity accepted simply by school authorities. *Any absences not falling into these kinds of categories could possibly not approved. Authorization is at the only discretion in the grade level administrator taking many factors into consideration. Every situation will probably be reviewed on an individual basis. Whitman Suggestion Sheet #5 MAKING UP SKIPPED WORK? It is the sole responsibility of each college student to obtain from the teacher any kind of work overlooked.

The student ought to request from each educator a date where all makeup work for that class is due. Students should receive a no for overlooked work if the absence is usually unexcused. TRUANCY? Each teacher is responsible for choosing attendance daily.

At the end of each school time CONNECT ED (Automated Attendance System) is going to scan the Attendance repository for DISETTE. Any scholar with an ABSENCE which includes not recently been excused will receive a call home via the computerized Attendance program. The call is scheduled to make contact with parents each evening. REGARDING MAJORITY? Once students reach age 18, the law allows them to signal their own shortage notes, but only if the fogeys agree and sign the mandatory form, which is available from your Attendance Business office.

The school may rescind age Majority position if the scholar has lots of absences or tardies.

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