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Under the Education Act 1996, the Authorities has a lawful duty to assure children and young people acquire fulltime, useful education, which is suitable towards the age, and ability and any exceptional needs they might have. Normally, this is through presence at school. The Education Welfare Service (EWS) is one particular agency which takes the lead part for the Council in supporting university attendance. It can do this through working with kids and family members, supporting educational institutions and connecting with other agencies including the legal system.

The EWS look at numerous of ideas for why the children aren’t going to school and look at solutions for this whether it is legal actions or just operating closely with all involved for example parents, educators and the university. On the whole this is an extremely important agency which usually aims to get children in to education and helps work out so why they are not really in education, however there are negative aspects to the agency as they might have to work carefully with social services in the event the parents aren’t fulfilling right now there role and legal action may be considered again the fogeys aren’t satisfying the responsibility though this is a bad aspect of the agency it truly is all in place for the entire well being of the child.

Authorities can work with local universities and EWC, by undertaking local patrols to find truancy and going to neighborhood areas where kids may hideout. By having law enforcement involved children and parents can understand the seriousness of truancy and poor school attendance which is a great outcome. This could then lead on to the Youngsters Offending Group (YOT) in whose staff pinpoints school presence issues and work positively to resolve these people.

The Authorities will work with agencies including housing corporations, Police, Jonction, YOT and voluntary organisations to develop protocols to identify children without university places. General these firms are all generally there to help improve attendance in educational institutions and all have the same aims, by working together with the school, agencies and organisiations the schools will be able to have correct support in place for the children out-and-in of universities, parents plus the teachers. The agencies are able to work out causes of poor presence and make sure problems are solved. These organizations are in charge of a positive cause and to help children find the best education possible and cutting down on reasons behind poor attendance.

Explain the role of key individuals in bettering whole university attendance. Educational Welfare officers- Once a kid is listed at a college, it is the parents legal responsibility to make sure that the kid attends school regularly. The role of Education Welfare Officers is always to work closely with universities, children and the parents, and with agencies to make sure this kind of happens.

The educational welfare officials will work tightly with these individuals to find out why children arent attending regularly and determine soloutions to assure this alterations. If the father and mother fail to interact personally and the child does not return to regular attendance at university, the Education Welfare Service may issue a set Penalty See or take legal action. Educational welfare officers may refer instances to additional agencies just like social solutions, educational psychologists and medical researchers.

Ultimately all their main responsibilities is to present support for the children, the families plus the school in most areas if it being advice in legal obligations, or building relationships between the school and the parents and making sure college attendance is at a maximum, if college attendance is definitely not consistant then the educational welfare officers will look in to reasons and solutions in this. Teaching Support Workers- Support teachers will be in sessions to support teachers in what they are trying to obtain, they are also generally there to help individuals who are in need of support when learning, Support educators are able to supply the individuals requiring help more time and concentrate to help them through areas of problems.

Having Instructing supports personnel available can therefore imply children can feel supported in weak areas and therefore more progress will probably be made by kids which will as well boost assurance. Children who are falling behind or perhaps children who have do not understand specific areas of what they are being taught can become embarassed and withdrawn whilst lacking self-confidence this could bring about poor behaviour meaning postponement, interruption, exclusion, detention or missing school to stop feeling uncomfortable around peers. Having teaching support staff available will mean weak areas can be taregeted and help supplied much more rapidly than just having one teacher in a class.

Teaching support workers should be able to have the relevant training and guidance to aid identify children who are struggling. They are people who are their to support kids with virtually any behaviour or perhaps learning requires. Headteachers- Almost all of the duties of the headteacher is usually managerial and to make sure the school is running properly whilst also making sure everything required is presented to staff and pupils. Mind teachers will likely need to make sure certain training is given to identify children who happen to be struggling, ensuring there are plans and procedures in place and followed by staff to prevent intimidation and similar opportunities.

By causing sure the youngsters have the mose valuable expreience possible in school and working with kids, parents and other agenicies to ensure everything is within place to continue to keep attendace large, if children are struggling the support tutor are in position, if bullying is happening then this must be resolved quickly before the kid becomes withdrawnand lacks assurance leading to poor attendance. The head teacher can use educational welfare officials and other firms to help discover ways of enhancing the school and making sure every area of a kids welfare happen to be covered and the child is offered the support needed to enjoy school and attend college attaining the very best qualifications likely.

Special Educational Coordinators- The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), in collaboration with all the head tutor and regulating body, takes on a key part in deciding the proper development of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy and provision in the school to boost the achievements of children with special educational needs. The SENCO requires day-to-day responsibility for the operation with the policy and co-ordination with the provision created for individual kids with exceptional educational needs, working tightly with personnel, parents and carers and also other agencies.

By having the particular education demands co-ordinator this will mean that full support will be given to kids in school which means the chilldren can work towards the maximum and achieve the most out of school with the full support and help from the professors. This will likewise mean that kids wont become embarrassed mainly because they cannot carry on or be familiar with work and should hopefully quit the children checking out negative actions like absent school. This will enable the college to give the children the best experience possible with all the best possible effects and improved attendance therefore increasing levels attained by children.

Clarify strategies which you can use to improve the attendance of individual kids and the younger generation and complete school attendance Have an attendance policy in place make sure the youngsters are fully aware about the steps which will be taken in circumstances of low attendance. Although making sure that parents follow the procedure for days that children are of sick. Keep parents engaged and build associations with the parents using mind teachers and teachers so that they are aware of any kind of problems that maybe underlying by school at the present time which my own result in nonattendance.

It is also essential to make parents aware of any positive achievements that their particular son or daughter offers achieved. Support available, makes sure that any children struggling in specific educational areas happen to be identified as quickly as possible to ensure that all relevant support and help can be put in position to help the kid in the specified area. The school can work in partnership with the educational well being officer and the local power to help goal specific areas of need. Work with rewards and incentives to encourage presence and punctuality such as accreditation for substantial attendance and increased motivation for the greater attendance and punctuality because the year moves along.

Once a child has been absent from school make sure they reintegrate into the college positively. Ensuring teachers verify they are alright, provide any kind of missed function and provide an assistance group making sure this is available to the children if they need to talk-for example advisors. Use attendance checks to hold on top of and monitor almost all attendance for the children this will help to find any habits in no attendance and help the school find a solution to this more rapidly therefore benefiting the children.

Increasing the account of attendance so if a child does not attend sending a notice out to father and mother straight away to cause them to become aware of this kind of or seeking a reason why there was simply no attendance in case the attendance is catagorized below a particular level. Universities can use newsletters and parents evenings to bring this to parents and children’s attention.

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