VBE value based education Essay

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The main objective of the learners are to earn financial benefits from all their education, when ever such a mindset can be prevailing for the student, then exactly where are the values of VALUE FOCUSED EDUCATION? In the present scenario most people are walking on the trails still left by someone, no one provides thought of figuring out their capabilities and choosing their street to success, which eventually creates a chaos in one’s life. This is certainly clearly apparent from the elevating rates of suicide within our society. One of the very common elements responsible for this can be over pressure on learners to get the high marks within their exams.

It really is for sure an extremely unhealthy and unethical competition. It is not only limited to a school level education, several suicide cases happen even in top level academic corporations worldwide in this article the race is for getting employment. Everywhere we come across the students are indulged in winning the competitions, in this ma?tre of time most have ignored the basic goals of our contemporary education. The contemporary system of education which will stands within the pillars of social values, national principles, ethical and aesthetic values like truth, goodness and beauty (Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram) are becoming eroded quickly.

Therefore to delay the time of erosion we must inculcate the worthiness oriented education in our communities. Value Focused Education is highly needed inside our modern society mainly because our lives are becoming more gloomy. The quantity of education has noticeably increased, nevertheless the quality has decreased. It is so because the volume of educated persons has reached at a high level, but homicide, hatred, and selfishness have got spread out like wildfire almost everywhere.

Institutions will be opening day by day, but just few civil people are developed.

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