Recommendation Letter Essay

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Z ., one of the most exceptional students in our institution I have ever endured, is definitely brilliant enough to be admitted to the majority of prestigious educational institutions in China such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. He is the top rated student in the honor category, which educated top learners the most demanding and advanced courses. He ranked the top 20 out of 1650 during last examinations and kept some. 0 GPA.

Now that he can determined to make use of to American university, We are more than willing to write down the suggestion letter in support of him. Like a top pupil that had much information in learning new theories or problems, this individual could usually put forward specific good concerns when I was giving classes. Though the response to these queries are often exactly the points i would put forward afterwards even if he didn’t inquire further, the effect of interaction-based learning is much better than one-way instructing because through interaction students will have much deeper impression and understanding in the knowledge they learned.

He also enhanced the academic superiority in class simply by competing friendly with other top students. I had been impressed when he competed with his friend in becoming the first pupil that found its way to classroom to analyze every early morning and avoid lie-in. Their competence invoked other students to get up previously too and create a better studying atmosphere. He was also excellent in group functions, especially in which will he proved helpful together with learners who dropped behind. I can always observe him make clear questions patiently to additional students and assigned the work mission in an appropriate approach that everybody had the cabability to finish their own while as well learn something helpful.

On the whole, George is college student who can not simply top in study himself but also inspire others to interact and produce academic quality, so I seriously offer you my highest recommendation of him and wish that he may be admitted by his dream university, your school. And I as well expect he may work hard as usual to make further achievements and also to bring a credit to his instructor and the institution. Sincerely yours, Head Teacher

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