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Often times, community college students will be depicted by public plus the media because “not clever enough” or “not able. ” For example , just recently I was at Bn and as I was looking for a book the sales associate approached me. Your woman asked me basically needed help then said what college I went to, when I informed her that I head to Fullerton College her frame of mind changed. The lady asked me if I didn’t visit a four yr university as a result of my grades, when I informed her that, that wasn’t the reason she proceeded ranting that we need to do good in school and I shouldn’t be at a community college. It appears that the public look down on the students in community college.

When watching the show, “Blue Mountain Express, ” you could have a group of good friends that happen to be for the universities soccer team. On the program is portrays the typical university life plus the football players engage in heavy drinking, medications and lots of sex. If a four university is providing that then what is so excellent about going to one? In many cases you hear about crazier get-togethers thrown by simply universities instead of community universities.

Universities are meant to be exclusive but these big parties are throwing them off. Often times the public says that community college is not a good due to its parties with drugs, there is a saying that’s for what reason no pupils should shoot for community schools but figures say that schools throw the biggest parties. Who have are the bad guys now? Latest talk online collegeconfidential. omkring, students speak about how all their parents tend not to want their children to go to a residential area college.

This is a website pertaining to real people with answers from people who have acquired the experiences. A student just recently posted that his father and mother did not want him to venture to a community college because they are no good. Many people were quick as a solution to his post, most of the people who replied were adults who have acquired the experience, even some professors, and they advised him that community university is pretty good at all. The responders responded by saying that ommunity college or university has wonderful professors and are also cheaper when compared to a four yr university.

Certainly at a four yr university you will definitely get a bit better education, but also for those who cannot afford the service fees it is perfect for them. For instance , a user, “NTKTOP, ” submitted this brief review. “My father and mother say that they suck and that they’re likely to kick myself out of the house basically go to 1. ” This kind of student views nothing wrong with community college nevertheless his parents do, after that this is what a single San Diego State University graduate student had to state, “I don’t think they’re bad. Of course , it depends around the school you select and mentor you receive, but that’s the same of any traditional school.

CC can be a good jumping table for some people. No matter where going, you will find convenient professors but in my knowledge CC is actually a not a bad choice. ” This is my second semester in a community college; until now everything continues to be going great. The teachers I have acquired are not very hard but tend not to give convenient grades. Previous semester I had formed a The spanish language class that was intended for advanced audio system but there were some things that did not click in my mind.

My own professor might stay with me following class in an attempt to help me to higher understand the materials. This term my mathematics class features tutors that they can offer free of charge. I make the most of these assets because they are totally free and the professors are willing to help me out without any problem. The stories We hear from my buddies in community college happen to be that they have professors that care for the student’s education; they cannot give easy grades because we are in community school.

Many instructors want to help our understanding and put together us intended for our transfer to a university or college. No matter where going, you will get a fantastic education. The us is known throughout the world for its esteemed schools. A huge part has to travel from the pupils, if the student is ready to put in the time, dedication and energy their options are countless.

So far, community college has become a great encounter for me. I use great teachers who are able to help out. The multimedia tries to opt for on community colleges however in reality, this is the choice in this overall economy. Many learners that keep a four year college or university have a huge debt to spend because of loans.

Many college students choose community college because it is a fraction of the cost of a university. I do not think it is fair when parents judge community universities as negative; you can get a very good education for a very affordable cost. You can go to a residential area college such as Fullerton School, which has great professors, towards your general education classes aside for a low cost then transfer to a four year university to generally focus on the degree classes.

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