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1 . Precisely what is the new idea of education?

For more than decades today, our continuous contact with the Americans converted us and led us to the evolution of our community schools and democratic establishments which then, consequently, developed in us each of our national intelligence in power and in solidarity. It offered rise into a new concept of education which can be deemed because the training associated with an individual intended for the tasks and privileges of a citizen not simply for his own joy and performance, but also for his contribution to the national ball at large.

Since the State’s primary responsibility is to provide for the education of each and every member of the society, it follows that an educated Filipino must own three attributes as enumerated by Francisco Benitez in his essay What is an Educated Filipino? 2 . Based on the author, what is the initial quality will need to distinguish the educated Philippine? First is definitely the power to perform which embraces not only the capability of the Filipinos to produce material goods but also the valuable companies rendered to society through institutions including the home, the college, the chapel and the authorities.

This is greatest exemplified by a mother whom takes proper care of her family. three or more. What needs to be the second top quality of an knowledgeable Filipino? Second, a Filipino is one who is distinguished not only simply by one’s understanding of the world’s progress yet also plus more importantly by one’s comprehension of one’s race, people and country the ideals and honnete that are valued herein.

How do a Filipino claim to call up himself well-informed when he has conquered the world yet he could be ignorant of his personal culture and origin? 5. What need to be the third quality of an informed Filipino? Another is that the informed Filipino is definitely one who is usually deep-rooted in one’s talk and execute. One must put into practice those elements named concomitant to culture and morality.

Therefore, one makes use of such components for one’s growth since an individual as well as for a nation’s development all together. 5. Which will of the three qualities do you really consider the main? The third quality, because the Philippine must have historical in his conversation and perform those elements that are everywhere recognized as accompaniments of tradition andmorality, so that, possessing the capability for self-entertainment and research, he may certainly not be at the mercy of the delight of the senses or a burden to him self when by itself.

6. What are the different qualities would you like to add for the betterment of the Filipinos today?

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